NH040 - My Parallel Lifetimes with the DNA

5 February 2014

~ My Parallel Lifetimes with the DNA~Awakening ~

I SEE a huge ball roll over to me; it is red with a marble pattern. It is about four feet in diameter and has a polished surface

I SEE myself walking around this ball and I move closer to touch it; as I do glittery lights become attracted to my hands from the surface of the ball.

I hover my hands over and around the surface to see tiny electric looking lights rush upwards. It was more like a science experiment which I had done many years ago

I SEE myself finally touching the surface which was a solid and cool too; then I notice something unusual. The surface of this red ball had thousands of names in all different languages, some common names I recognised. They were from every nationality, race and belief system, how odd I thought

I SEE myself wondering what this meant, until my super conscious thought gave me the reason why

I existed in all time lines dating back thousands of years ago and even further still. I came to this planet at a lower conscious state. During my existence I reincarnate many times and each with a different identity. Sometimes I would be of a different race and belief.

This repeating reincarnation and graduating each time has given me valuable lessons in life for my soul

I SEE the ball was a directory of all the names I had during each reincarnation; some of these names I could not pronounce and some were in a different language, it all made sense

I SEE myself looking at all the names then finally I found my name in full, I smiled it was written in gold and stood out from the names around them

I SEE myself touching the surface of my name and it was warm

I SEE the ball slowly move away and then rise into the air and with huge speed it vanished

I SEE the scene has changed and I am in a reddish forest, where the trees, plants and flowers are all in a shade of red. The ground floor too was filled with red autumn leaves as I walked around wondering where I was

I SEE a huge red rock behind a tree and another, two side by side; one is a polished red diamond about three feet high and the other a red stone. This stone had an uneven surface and some ragged edges too but it was covered in like a red moss colour

I SEE myself walking to the middle of these rocks and trying to analyse what they were but then a hear the sound of running water and I head of in the same direction

I SEE after a short walk a small red water stream running beside two trees and flowing away

I SEE the stream has a soothing effect and I sit down close to it and put my feet in; instantly my body becomes energised and I felt rejuvenated. I could feel a rush of energy through all the parts of my body and into my head to. It happened so quickly that my mind needed time to evaluate what exactly what was going on

I SEE the stream flowing at a steady speed and I was becoming drowsy; the instant rejuvenation was having a drowsy effect but it slowly passed as my body settled down

Then I notice a few feet away a symbol;

It was a red seven pointed star on the ground made from liquid gold as ink. There was nothing inside it but the red autumn leaves.

I SEE myself wondering what it meant until I notice further away and on my right another symbol;

It was a six pointed star in pure mercury or glittery white light on the ground, exactly the same size; but in the middle was a small red seven pointed star.

Then I realised it had my name in the middle of the star, it was raised up too, like an engraving

I SEE next to this and further to the right another symbol;

A blue rectangular shaped outline made from sapphires; as I got up to get a closer look I realise the outline was made of thousands of these sapphires

I SEE myself looking at all the shapes and wondering how beautifully made they are

I SEE everything slowly fading away and I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi


Dear ONE....in this VISION, you are led unto your Earth~Self / RED MAN

along with other selves of YOU in other dimensions of FORMS,

depicted by the thousand names etched on the Red Marble Ball ~

The RED is also represented by your Root Chakra of Anchor of your LIGHT

everything here is to do with DNA, ROOT chakric Activation,

and ANCHORING your LIGHT through DNA Awakening,

unto EARTH~Selves that are many Parallel Life times with ONE HIGHER SELF   ~

What is electric to the feel are Higher Frequencies within your DNA, of your Solid~Hue'MAN~Self ~

~ When you entered the Plane of Earth, as an Earthling Dear SOUL,

the Consciousness held by The Collective had been vibrating at lower frequencies ~

YOU who is LIGHT, came here to forget WHO YOU ARE,

and participate in the Collective Slower Vibrations,

SO as for YOU TO SEE what is required as Hue'MAN to be elevated,

and to do just this, you chose to embrace

the System of Forgetfullness of the True Identity of WHO YOU ARE,

which later you will enter into Re~Membrance of so as for you to CELEBRATE and ANCHOR YOU,

as the Third Density Anchoring also changes other dimensional SELVES of YOU along with Your Earth~SELF ~

~  *  The GOLD in the scripting of the Name represents TRIUMPH, ELEGANCE, SOVEREIGNTY as SOUL / LIGHT,

Red awakens Your Physical Life Force, Determination, Strong WILL,

Relating to the Masculine Energy of the SOUL / SUN,

Gold~Energy is generous and giving, great conductor, compassionate and loving,

the benefactor or patron, sharing its wisdom, knowledge and wealth with others.

~  *  The RED Forest is your ABUNDANT ACTIVE LIFE & Lifetimes in and through forms

action oriented with a deep need for physical fulfillment

and to experience life through the five senses.

~  *  The RED DIAMOND and RED STONE on either side shows the duality of LIFE

with Smooth Plane and Rugged Terrain of Reality presented simultaneously,

but on either side of the Hue'MAN Self as it looks on ~

The SHIFT here to make is to pull the FOCUS unto the LOCATION YOU are Present (Mid Path here!)

The RED WATER STREAM is your DNA / Hue'MAN BLOOD~LINE(s) of this life time and other Parallel Lifetimes ~

As DNA gets activated you are back to aligning your whole BEINGNESS

which the COnsicousness of The Hue'MAN Body YOU ARE IN, shows ~

FOr it is your INTERFACE to all that YOU ARE, where you have EXPERIENCE of a Hue'MAN through 5 senses,

Of that WHO YOU ARE In many dimensions and as LIGHT in the INVISIBLE / Consciousness ~

~  *  The Red seven pointed STAR on the ground made from liquid gold as ink, with Red Autumn Leaves in it,

shows your Lifetimes rejuvenation, re~Calibration where nothing truly shows as solid

but it matters what you release and let go like that of Autumn Trees who shed their Leaves that LEAVE the Tree,

So that NEW LEAVES can spring forth ~  

The 7~Pointed STAR is the DIVINE FORMATION of the 7~Chakric Light Centres of YOU over Lifetimes,

within which is the INK, your LIFE SIGNATURE, present for YOU to color your LIFETIMES with, as you Journey~ON ~

~ The 6-Pointed White Star is for GOD CONSCIOUSNESS of PURITY and HONESTY,

as UNION of DIVINE and Hue'MAN whose Core Interface is The Hue'MAN ~

as The Star holds and contains / encompasses within it, the Hue'MAN SELF/Selves of YOU, as RED 7~Pointed Star ~

~  *  A Rectangle holds STABILIZING ENERGY, as it is energy peg and locks energy in where required ~

Blue Sapphire being stone of WISDOM in a Rectangle, it is WISDOM ANCHORING ~through your DNA AWAKENING ~  This imparts YOU with VISION with INSIGHT and WISDOM, your 3rd EYE~LIGHT ~

and why would you not marvel at it all, Dear ONE?

SO I SEE ~ and so it is ~~ *