NH039 - The Golden Thread of Awakening Body Light ~ Column

03 February 2014

The Golden Thread of Awakening Body Light ~ Column

I SEE a rope it is golden and it goes along for miles as a path

I SEE the golden rope is made of a shiney golden thread, so finely and intricately woven with incredible precision. The start of the rope there are tassels in different lengths, three of them; one red, jade green and purple all like mini ropes.

At the end of each tassel is a diamond but the red tassel has a jade green stone, the Jade green with a purple diamond and the purple with a red diamond

I SEE the is about two inches thick and easy to hold, so smooth and filled with tiny diamonds shimmering into the light

I SEE it going for miles and decide to follow were it goes; holding the rope I follow it winding down onto my path, yet I could only see a few hundred metres at a time before more scenes began to open. It was like walking into a fog and the vision is only a few miles

I SEE after a few miles of following a rope a big rock and it is covered in moss, green; as I get closer I realise it is swirls of green light from a distance it looks differently. I touch them and my hand goes straight through and out. They are no more then an inch high and it covers the whole rock like a carpet

I SEE behind a rock a man dressed in white sitting down on a stool leaning against a very old tree. He sees me and embraces tightly then disappears.

I look around and still in my embrace wondering where he went

I SEE the tree and a roll of parched paper was on the tree; as I go closer there were actually three rolled papers. I grab the first roll and it is thick paper and reads in old English;

“Behold you are the holder of the KEY”
Underneath and in the middle was swirls of the infinity sign, over four inches long

I SEE the second scroll and open to read and it says;

“The child soul is no more but a mature and spiritual soul; in his depths he has found the voyage of life

In testimony we are”

I SEE below the same infinity sign but a single red diamond is in the middle

I SEE and grab the last scroll and it reads;

“The Garden pastures are long and developed; seek the meaning of the inner void and you will SEE the void is not empty but full of inspirations and fruits that are edible

As you eat from your own garden, health, vitality will increase and your height too will grow

Such is the richness of your own seeds that others will grow there own

Let the wisdom flourish”

I SEE underneath an image of a quill pen and an ink by the side

I SEE everything fading away and I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi


Dear One, in this VISION you are being taken within YOU,

to your Light~Column within the Body that is Awakening, which IS the Path YOU are Walking,

as you make choices in your LIFE from Your LIGHT / WISDOM ~

This Rope commences with the Vital Tassels / Chakra Centres of your LIGHT~Column that are Rot, Heart and Crown,

In Red, Green and Purple colors respectively, though the rope sets out forward and ongoing infinitely,

YOU can SEE that each major centres of Light of the Light~COLUMN is a path in itself

which is connected by and woven through by INFINITY LIGHT ~

It is quite significant that you SEE,

"the red tassel has a jade green stone, the Jade green with a purple diamond

and the purple with a red diamond"

- all these pointing to how one is integrated into the next level / energy frequency of the next chakra~Light,

The Purple has red diamond too, which shows it is a conceptual quantum SEE~ing and is not a linear progression at all ~

~ The Green Moss points to how Your Heart is awaiting for you to let go of the seeds of WISDOM sown within YOU with conscious permission,

Just like mosses rely on the wind to disperse their spores;

The MOSS~Light awaits your awakening it within through you reaching into them ~

and there you are meeting with the MAN who represents your INNER WISDOM ~

The WISDOM as a SELF of YOU disappears as YOU enter within YOU consciously in this VISION,

Leaving you three clues in the form of three scrolls ~ (Three = Catalyst always)

(The Infinity signs here indicate Integration of these specific centres of You the Hue'MAN / Local SELF,



1  ~  YOU are The Holder of The KEY into............YOU ~

2  ~  The Venturer in this Journey is maturing in his INNER WISDOM,

through the integration of his Heart and hence a MATURE SOUL in this Be~COMING ~


3  ~  is about POTENTIALS un~FOLDING from within YOU that the RED DIAMOND would help you anchor into your Hue'MAN SELF ~

From within the INNER VOID / Inifnite Potentials do we spring forth

and so are the seeds of possibilities we bring along and anchor into our Hue'MAN SELF ~

Here the WISDOM Scroll points to YOU that you are here to consume YOUR OWN WISDOM for your Hue'MAN SELF / RED MAN,

and let others do so unto themselves and consume of their own fruits from their INNER GARDENS,

As Mustards do not bring out Mango as its Fruit b=neither does a Mango Tree produce Mustard SEEDs,

Though they are both TREEs and are Grounded to Gaea's Heart, each to its own WISDOM and springing forth from within ~


The QUILL PEN with INK points to now you being present consciously,

that YOU........are the AUTHOR of The BOOK of LIFE that YOU ARE ~

Avail the tools of writing / anchoring of your WISDOM into this Plane as and when is required from your INK / INNER CREATIONS ~

And so I SEE ~ and so it is ~ *