NH038 - Integration of Divine Masculine & Feminine

28 January 2014

Integration of Divine Masculine & Feminine within ME ~

I SEE that I am floating inside an oyster shell; it is huge and like a boat. One shell is upright and is about seven feet high and the other which I am in, is about eight feet in across.

I SEE the oyster shell is nearly a perfect circle and is gently floating with a breeze which is behind

I SEE myself being the pearl; then I realise my tunic was exactly like mother of pearl inlaid all over the garment and even my trousers

I SEE the light and different colours reflecting from the tunic from a golden sun above, which was beautiful to look at

I SEE the Oyster shell weaving across the ocean and I am mesmerised as were I was and the peacefulness of the surroundings.

I SEE all of a sudden the oyster shell slowly closing and wandered what to do. If I jump out then I will drown as there was no land I could swim

I then decide to curl right down and hopefully the shell closing will have enough room for me.

I SEE the shell slowly closing and yes there was enough room, but just for me to tuck down into the bottom. I wondered what to do and decide to be patient and hopefully something would happen

I SEE that my clothes began to glow and there was no darkness inside the shell; it was like a multicoloured light coming from my tunic which made me feel excited

I SEE a red light glowing inside the shell; I looked around and realise it was coming from my heart; I opened the tunic and saw a burst of light fill the inside of the oyster shell

I SEE then the oyster shell opening and to my surprise we had landed inside a cave beach; it was more like a huge cavern and an enormous beach with white sands

I SEE my heart still giving off this red light and I decide to get off the shell and onto the beach

I SEE the red light filling the side on the cavern ceiling and the walls as it began to expand more and more; I was more like an enormous torch

I SEE myself wondering what to do and why this was all happening

I SEE myself walking further down the beach and onto the upper rocks of the cavern and inside; it was darker and away from the entrance

I SEE an inner pool of water about a hundred feet away which I head in the direction off

After a while and going over the rugged rocks I realise there was another hundred feet to go, and I had completely misjudged the distance; But as I went another hundred feet I was no more nearer

I SEE myself travelling several miles before I finally arriving to the pool of water; I looked back to see how far I had travelled and to my surprise it was further then a mile; perhaps thirty or forty miles. The beach was like a dot in the distance and the cavern was so dark, but with my heart beaming rd light it would have been pitch black

I SEE the pool of water shimmering in the red light and there were bubbles too floating up; I go down and scoop some water from both of my hands and into my mouth. It was very sweet yet refreshing and cool enough to give me a tingle

Then I saw something green inside the pool; it was a face which startled me and it came closer to the surface; and soon the face was a woman which rose above the water and onto the side

I SEE the women wearing all green long dress and even and leafy green colour hair. Her face was pure white and the glow of the dress illuminated her face green

I SEE her smile and she spoke softly and said;

“Dear Soul, I am your heart of your inner heart and represent the balance of the feminine attributes that you possess inside

The glow of red that shines within is your attributes of the masculine; together they hold balance and pose of your inner spiritual light within

Dear Soul, today your balance is complete and work in harmony; you have increased the masculine and joined to your feminine to make a complete unit of energy and awareness

It is a perfect marriage that will serve and expand into the inner chasms of your being

This opening will bring about a change in you that you have not encountered

Dear Soul accept this jade stone as a gift of your triumph

I SEE a jade stone with a chain in platinum gold which was placed around my neck

I SEE myself feeling sleepy and close my eyes for a moment; and as I do I feel a hand on my shoulder shaking me. I open my eyes immediately and to my surprise the scene had changed and I was in a field with long shoots of grass

I SEE myself walking along the field with my jade pedant but the red heart light had stopped

I SEE after a while I come to the end and look down on a village with thousands of people. IT was like a big busy town
I SEE myself sitting down and watching all the people running around and wondering why they were so busy

I SEE myself feeling tired and the scene change again and I notice that I had finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi