NH037 - I AM receiving Heart

26 January 2014

~ *I AM receiving Heart~LIGHT invocations from My Divine Guide~SELF * ~

I SEE that I am running on all fours very fast, in fact full speed

I SEE and feel that I am a tiger as I notice my paws

I SEE that I am running in a field full of scented flowers in all directions until I cannot run anymore as I come to an enormous diamond. It must be the size of a small mountain, completely colourless except a heart shaped diamond inside in green

I SEE that I become human self again and my hands smell of roses; I realise that I am wearing a tunic made of flowers of the field. It is beautifully tailored to my body and when I move the flowers move too. It is held together with silk fine thread

The tunic is full of colours and I am grateful that I get to wear this fine crafted tunic

I SEE myself looking at this diamond then I hear a noise from behind this diamond. I can vaguely see through the diamond and see the other side. It is yellowish but cannot make out what it is

I decide to walk around and see

I SEE a man looking very similar to me, dressed in yellow tunic; with same build and height. I wondered if it was me or someone else

I SEE the man come forward and embrace me; it was warm and welcoming, my first impressions I felt inside.

He then touched my forehead with his forehead, saying nothing. For a moment perhaps several seconds then he moved back his head. He opened his hands and there appeared to be a yellow tablet with inscriptions and an engraved emblem in the middle

I SEE myself accepting this tablet and smiling, and again not a single word was said; I went along with what he was doing and kept obediently silent. For it was I who wanted to learn

I SEE him sit down, crossed legged on the field and I followed out of respect

I SEE him close his eyes and said a few words and repeated them; I could not make out what they were but it was repeated again and again. Until he placed his right hand on my heart.

I decided at that moment to close mine; I felt nothing for a while until a tingling in my heart was felt. At that moment I had a vision of what was happening inside my heart

I SEE my heart being filled with a bright white and glittery light; it seems to have no direction but it was like lightning appearance striking inside my heart

I SEE my heart as being enormous and I am watching as an observer to all the happenings all around me

I SEE the lightning is waking the tiny minute cells inside my heart; It was giving it life and they quickly open up like a flower; So everywhere I looked there was a rapid opening of flowers, which was in their thousands and soon in their millions

I SEE the light pick up speed and all of a sudden everything around me increased in speed too; instantly I saw thousands of flowers opening up all at the same time. My eyes could not pick up the instant opening of flowers such was the speed

I SEE myself looking all around me and saw beautiful flowers; then I realised they were all growing slowly

I SEE myself observing and smiling until it reached a critical mass and a huge explosion happened and a huge white light blinded me and I immediately ducked and covered my face in fright
I SEE myself curled up inside my heart wondering if I should open my eyes or not; then I hear a kind female voice say in a soft tone

I SEE myself opening my eyes and I am sitting down crossed legged and looking into the eyes of a woman who looked similar to me dressed in yellow tunic

I was back in the field but the man had disappeared and it was a women that was sitting opposite me, with her hand on my heart

I SEE her say

“Dear Soul do not be afraid for I opened your heart at your maximum level; you may feel differently and be content from now on

We gave you the riches of your heart and it may serve you well

Dear Soul, walk in the light as you have always done and be your SELF; as your SELF is full of inspired wisdom”

I SEE her drop her hands away from my heart and open them to reveal a huge pearl in brilliant white light

I SEE her say softly;

“Dear Soul; no one can take this away from you, it is your own unique signature, your own unique identity, your own unique YOU”

My eyes were fixed on the pearl and I nodded my head

I SEE her continue;

“Dear Soul enjoy your richness as no one else as this type of richness; enjoy what you have”

Then I see here place this pearl close to my heart and it instantly permeated and disappeared into my chest
I SEE her smile and I soon realised that she was indeed ME; I was looking at myself, my feminine aspect of me

I SEE her stare into my eyes and my eyes began to see;

I had another vision;

I SEE that I am holding a sword made of the finest steel and wearing a gown; as I concentrated and focused, I realise it was a graduation gown in pure white with matching cap too

The sword was actually a light sabre in mercury steel colour revolving around very quickly

I SEE myself putting away my light sabre at my side and I notice that I was standing on top of a mountain looking down on a thousand or so waterfalls in many sizes

I SEE it all around me and at that moment I felt I was in heaven

Then I loose my vision and see the women again dressed in yellow; the smile was still there and she said softly and kindly;

“Dear Soul for it is time for you to leave”

I SEE she got up first and with such dignity she helped me up to my feet and then embraced me tightly and we held in that embrace for several minutes and then let go

I SEE everything disappearing and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi


 ~~~ Dear One, The primary meaning of the tiger spirit animal is willpower, personal strength and courage;
The tiger puts a special emphasis on raw feelings and emotions.
The tiger spirit animal symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and ability to trust yourself.
By affinity with this spirit animal, you may enjoy dealing with life matters spontaneously,
Trusting your intuition and acting fast when needed.
The primary meaning for tiger spirit animals is personal strength. This spirit animal may point out to a recent event or situation that prompted you to show courage and determination.
The tiger reminds you of your personal power and ability to overcome obstacles.
Seeing this spirit animal also means that you’re overcoming fears and learning how to deal with strong emotions that once felt threatening, but are becoming more and more manageable now.

 ~~~ The field of flowers is the expanse of your opening states of consciousness; colourless is transparent / CLARITY,
Expressing BALANCE (Green) of the CORE Consciousness (Heart);

~~~ The SCENT of Rose points to Divinity of Your Essence that YOU ARE, that YOU are encountering in this Vision
And the TUNIC signifies your state of Consciousness in Divine Encounter,
Which are new opening Consciousness at your Emotional Level of the New BE~Coming ~

~~~ The Tiger~SELF (a symbol of strength, more specifically willpower) led you to the Guide of your Emotional~SELF that is opening in you currently,
And gives you a YELLOW tablet with inscriptions and an engraved emblem in the middle;

Which denotes to your Empowered Solar Plexus that works in unison with your Heart Chakra ~

~~~ Forehead to forehead is the Greeting showing an intermingling,
Where YOU are not a VISITOR but FAMILY of SELVES in this VISION you entered unto YOURSELF at this level...
This Greeting is an exchange of vital~breath, the “ha.” This is a connection to ancestral selves ~

~~~ In this Vision, YOU are at the Portal of your DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS, receiving Heart~LIGHT invocations from Your Divine Guide~SELF ~
The Bright White Glittery LIGHT indicates PURITY of The DIVINE Consciousness ~
Electrically charging up the HEART as Lightning is REVITALIZING The Stagnant Energy of the Hue'MAN HEART ~
This leads unto the Flowering of WISDOM seeded within The DIVINE HEART PORTAL, speeding up due to increased vibrational frequency ~
From a Peripheral Consciousness you are being moved to the CORE of your Consciousness to be from therein, through your expressions~
The Kind~Female VOICE is your HEART's own VOICE that is Divine Feminine,
Who had become activated and have now come alive and stabilized in your Heart, as your Heart itself ~
The Guide~SELF truly is YOU as the MASCULINE SELF ~ Disappearing into the DIVINE FEMININE SELF that is YOU ~
And so I SEE ~