NH036 - Trailing along my Solar Causal~SELF

 22 January 2014

~ *Trailing along my Solar Causal~SELF * ~
(Temple of my SOUL)

I SEE that I am walking on top of a wall, like walking on a ledge; I was a bit surprised to find myself here, but I was not afraid at all

I SEE the wall is completely white and everything around me is too

I SEE that there is a large drop and into more white emptiness which I cannot make out below

I SEE myself continue to walk on this wall and only room for one foot at a time; but after a while I was getting use to it and my speed increased to the speed I normally walk

I SEE further ahead something red, then blue and the followed by purple; the colour of the wall was changing; as I get closer the wall was loosing its whiteness and had become multicoloured not only that the path had become wider

I SEE ahead the path was like an ordinary path and the wall I was walking on had become a path

I SEE myself stepping the last part of the wall and onto the path; as I look behind the wall was slowly turning into light and then dispersed away in all directions. How beautiful the sight was

I SEE myself onto my path but after a few steps everything has changed and I am near a pool of water with an enormous mountain sized rock; somehow I was mesmerised by the rock, the size and its shape close to a perfect oval or even an ellipse with a few rugged edges. Yes it was the usual grey colour

I SEE myself sitting down by the pool and wading my feet in this water; as soon as I did that my feet were bleeding colours. Some how colours from my feet were washing off and into the pool

I SEE the colours not fading away but began to make swirls and patterns on top of the water

Then I notice a symbol made from the merging of the colours which caught me by surprised

I SEE a perfect red circle with a rod like an arrow coming from the side; then a silver thread like coming from the tip of the arrow and going to another circle but this time it is bluish purple, perfectly round. From this circle

I SEE an image of a chest with a single word “A”

I SEE next to this image another arrow pointing to a direction; all of this was seen clearly on top of the surface

I SEE myself looking at all the images and wondering what they all meant, until I followed upto the arrow and realised it was pointing to the rock

I head directly to where it was pointing until I realised that there was a single membrane covering the entrance which looked like a cave inside this rock

I SEE myself breaking the membrane which looked more like a spider’s web and walked through to find another pool but it was mercury coloured

I SEE it is incredibly sparkly as light was shining out of this pool; as I kept looking at the pool, a red circle floated to the surface with a brown circle centre. From this centre was a sharp point sticking out. I could not make out what it was until it came closer towards me

I SEE myself bending down and retrieving this circle; I realise that it was a red plate made from a red diamond but with a brown diamond centre with a hole from this sharp point

I pull out this sharp point then realise it was a PEN, completely in silver; the plate soon sank down and disappeared

I SEE myself standing up and looking at this pen; at the side there were two inscriptions, the alphabet written in lower case and in old English. The other side of the pen revealed an image of a deer, a young one. I notice it had another pen in its mouth

I SEE myself turning the pen around to look at the alphabet again but it had disappeared to reveal a white elephant with huge tusks; strangely enough it too had a pen sticking out of its mouth

I SEE the other side to find the deer too had disappeared to reveal another image, this time an image of a big bang explosion and this was multicoloured

I SEE the pen melt away and permeate into my hands slowly; I could feel it in my skin and moving through my body, giving I a tingle and shiver down my spine

I SEE myself waking up and my vision had finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi