NH035 - The BLUE

17 January 2014

The 'BLUE'~Jewelled Bird amidst the Jaded Woodland ~

I SEE that I am standing on water and as I concentrate my eyes realise it is an ocean; the water is jade green and very still too, not a single ripple or wave. There is so much peace in this stillness

I SEE myself wondering where I am as there is nothing all around me then this jade ocean


I SEE a wooden box rise from below; it is a chest looks like a pirates chest, in size too

I SEE it is deep wooden colour and aged look too and I move closer to open it; there is a jade diamond lock incredibly made, wow I thought

I soon realise it is locked and had no idea where the key would be; I stood there looking at the chest wondering what to do, until I touched the lock and it opened immediately; I understood immediately I was the key opener and my touch implemented this

I SEE myself opening this chest which creaked as I did; inside was a very large book, at lease two feet in size, fully leather bound.

I SEE myself getting it out and the scene changed all around me, which took me by surprise. I was now in a jade forest completely made of jewels and precious stones

All around me was jade and everything was made of precious stones but green. The ground too was diamond green, the trees and leaves all made of diamonds and precious stones; where was I?

I SEE myself looking back at the book and sitting down to investigate what is inside; I notice the title “The Book of Jesus” and I open it

Inside I began reading the contents on the first page;
“It was dark when the people left and exactly ten years before I had risen; I stood alone on top of the hill and enjoyed the stillness and the single song on a bird;

As I sat done being so complete with my surrounding the bird came to me and in my palm; I smiled and it sang even more; then I laughed and it began to sing a tune in a rhythm

This immediately sent a shiver down my spine as the frequency it emitted realigned the energies inside. I wondered how such a little bird could give me such a lesson

Soon the bird stopped singing and from its mouth a single blue and purple diamond came out and onto my hand. I felt a smile from the little bird consciousness and decided to name it ‘Blue’

Then the bird flew away and from my heart I gave praise and thankfulness to the little bird

I looked at this blue and purple diamond and my eyes began to open wider and wider; I quickly realise that they were being tuned to the diamond

I saw lights coming from the diamond and back again from my own eyes as they quickly recalibrated; I felt my consciousness was new as though an insight had been bestowed upon me. I could SEE in the dark for miles and miles

But more importantly I understood what steps I needed to take and how to do them”

I SEE the whole book had only this page, I smiled and thankful for the insight

I SEE myself holding the book and absorbing the sight of this wonderful small heaven all around me, all in green

I SEE myself slowly waking up and out of my vision

I SEE that I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi