NH034 - Through the Inner Terrains of My Consciousness that I AM

16 January 2014

Through the Inner Terrains of My Consciousness that I AM

I SEE that I am standing on top of a mountain looking down into a valley to my right and an ocean to my left

I SEE that I am actually on an island and the ocean to my left was endless

I SEE myself going down to the valley to explore what is around the trees; but as soon as I go down the mountain I could feel intense heat each step I made

I stop half way down wondering if I had made a mistake being here; the temperature was getting far too hot and I was beginning to sweat too

I SEE myself looking around wondering where the heat is coming from until

I SEE a red light in the distance; and it was indeed from this source the heat was coming from.

I begin to observe at a distance this red light and why it was giving off so much heat

I SEE myself being curious to still go in this heat and investigate; but there was still a doubt in my mind if I could tolerate the heat; nevertheless I shaked off my doubt and sped off in the direction of this light

I SEE the heat increased further but I still carried on and I soon realised if I followed in a direction of a tree then I shielded much of the heat

I SEE myself going to tree to tree towards this red light that was getting brighter and brighter

After a while and a lot of huffing and puffing I got to the source of the red light

I SEE unusually there was no heat at all and in fact it was much cooler; immediately I was able to catch my breath and relax by the side of a tree
I SEE the bright red light was indeed a multicoloured rock by the side and only red light was being emitted

I SEE myself concentrating and focusing my vision so that I could SEE clearly

I SEE it is a small rock resting by the side of a tree about three feet across and it is completely multicoloured. Lights were whirling around inside and soon it would revert back to a rock after a few minutes; then the process would repeat again more light flashing inside

I SEE after a few seconds a flash of red light would spread out into the valley and around; this red light was the heat being emitted

I SEE myself going closer to this rock and sat next to it; the temperature was much cooler and I had completely recovered from the hot trip getting to this rock

I SEE the rock had a pulse I could feel it; the more I concentrated I could hear a beat like a heart; I encouraged myself to touch this rock and I did

I SEE the rock was liquidy and dense at the same time; yet my hand went straight through; as I pulled my hand out, my hand were covered in symbols and they were multicoloured too

I SEE myself rubbing my hands and feeling these symbols; I realise they were permanently on and they were not going to be washed off

My left hand had a bird, in an elegant posture with a baby child in its beak. A more like a stork I we have all seen. Next to the bird was a circle a square and an oval shape (ellipse)

These shapes were not just ordinary shapes for they gave me energy and I could feel that energy.

I looked at my right hand and it was completely different, it was filled with intricate patterns, swirls and allsorts of symbols. There must have been hundreds of them; from coloured shapes to trees and emblems; There was so much to see and my I was really excited to see all these and in so vivid colours too

I SEE an emblem that caught my eye in the middle of my right hand; small it was yet it stood out

I SEE a crest of a rose inside a shield and there were two roses. Inside this shield too was five blades of green grass by the side and a single image of a very large red heart shaped diamond

I SEE myself wiping my face with both hands and I could feel that the symbols had been imprinted on too

I SEE myself feeling sleepy and soon come out of my vision

I SEE that I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi