NH032 - The Intimation with Lower~Chakric Light

03 January 2014

 The Intimation with Lower~Chakric Light~Centres as States of Consciousness

I SEE an ivory silk chord in front of me and it goes for miles along a red covered floor. Underneath I can see water flowing

I SEE that the floor is red diamonds polished to give an incredible shine and enough to see the water underneath

I SEE the ivory coloured chord as being exactly 5inches in diameter and smooth too

I SEE it the chord suspended above the floor and just gently moving in a wave

As I walk along holding this chord in my left hand, I can see purple electric sparks in appearance be attracted to my hand

I SEE every few steps the chord give of purple sparks of light which gave a little tingle in my hand

I SEE myself continuing walking and being distracted by the sparks and the water flowing underneath; there was so much going on that my sight was so fascinated

Then I notice purple diamonds falling every thirty feet from the chord

I SEE myself thinking there must be a sign and meaning; I realise immediately that I needed to continue and all would be explained later

After a long distance walking and my hand still on the ivory chord which I realise had a satin appearance to it; I come across an ivory tree filled with purple diamonds as leaves

I SEE the bark and it was exactly like the bark grains which you normally see but in ivory instead. I come closer to touch the tree leaves of purple diamonds and they instantly melted into my hands. It was like lotion and very rich and thick too, purple too

I SEE the lotion was more like silk but in liquid form, how unusual I thought

I SEE myself rubbing the lotion in my hands and arms and I could see little purple diamonds all over my arms and hands. They were so tiny that they looked as though I had sprayed glitter all over my body

I SEE an enormous yellow diamond come out from the bark of the tree and fall down at my feet. It is shaped like a tear drop and at least four feet in size

I pick it up and sit down looking excitedly at this diamond; inside I could see dozens of small purple tear drops too and a single red and jade tear drop to on either side

I SEE myself looking amazed and wide eyed

Then I notice another diamond come out of the bark and another and another

I SEE the tree giving birth to as many as 18 different diamonds; there was 6 blue, 6 bluish purple and finally 6 deep purple diamonds all tear shaped too and the same size

I SEE myself thinking wow, how could this be so many diamonds coming from this tree, when it is only about ten feet high


I SEE a smaller red diamond fall out, which I caught; it had swirls all over and engraved on the surface

I SEE then another smaller diamond but this time pink fall out to the ground

I SEE myself being happy and confused, thinking what does this all mean
I SEE everything fading away and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi