NH031 - The Transformation of The Solar Plexus Consciousness Psyche

02 January 2014

I SEE a that I am walking along a jade coloured flooring with golden squiggly patterns

I SEE for miles the flooring is the same and wonder where I am

I SEE myself continuing walking until I come to a hollow part of the flooring; I am puzzled, why would anybody have a big hole in the middle.

It is about six feet in diameter and completely black; around the edges of the hole it is beautifully decorated with yellow diamonds. I between to hold them in place is a gold housing for each diamond. I notice also exactly opposite there are four rubies with a blue diamond as centre

I am puzzled as why would anybody decorate a hole

I SEE myself getting down and having a look; I could here nothing or any light at all. There was complete silence

I SEE myself putting my hand in the hole with a little fear in my mind; but there was a membrane that was over the hole. It is see through and it covers the hole completely, yet with the eye it is completely undetectable

How strange that is, I thought

I SEE a sound like a horn or trumpet playing a single note; it was loud and I immediately looked up; I looked around but had no idea where the sound came from

I SEE myself standing up having a better look as the sound continued playing the same note. By this time my ears were used to the sound and even I was humming it too

I SEE myself wondering what to do; then as I look back to the hole

I SEE a yellow bright light and a staircase going down; the black hole had disappeared

That was incredible, how everything had changed

I SEE myself getting closer and notice the staircase too was yellow; the same colour as the diamonds surrounding the hole

I SEE myself walking down this spiral staircase which was very long way down. I must have been continuously walking down for about ten minutes until it opened out to another flooring

This time the flooring was completely yellow and with gold squiggly patterns similar to the floor that was jade; now I was confused

I SEE once again the flooring went for miles in every direction

Then I noticed a small wooden box. Like a chest about 1ft across

I SEE myself walking to the box; the lid had a golden inlay of a diamond shaped pattern all the way through to the top. In between where the diamond crossed each other was a single diamond, colourless it was

I SEE myself opening the lid to see a staircase going down in purple; how unusual, how can anybody fit in the box and go down; it was impossible unless you are a very very small person

I SEE myself looking deeper into this purple staircase, but I could not see anything as the stairs went down so deep

Then I hear a high pitched sound and again it was a single note. It was loud and sent the shivers down my back and my arm hairs began to stand up

I SEE myself becoming sleepy and tired; I sat down wondering what has happened and suddenly I fell asleep

I SEE myself dreaming and I am looking down the purple staircase; but this time it looks huge and not small at all

I SEE myself walking down the staircase at an incredible pace with excitement; thinking there must be a treasure or something

After a while I come to a forest and I am facing a waterfall about fifty feet high falling into a pool of water filled with huge diamonds at the bottom

I SEE myself being excited with the large sized diamonds until I notice a big purple diamond at the bottom of the pool. It is completely round and about three ft across

I SEE myself walking into the pool which was about knee deep to retrieve this purple diamond; incredibly as soon as I picked it up it began to speak

I SEE myself walking back to the edge of the pool and sit down to listen;

“Dear Soul, you have ventured far and incredible long distance and we welcome you

The wonder of sound has been revealed to YOU to open the veils of your sight. This is depthness of a dimension you have not been acquainted with and soon you will have access to in your writings”

I SEE the purple diamond rise from my hand and turn and come to my chest and then permeate inside of me. I could feel its coolness and felt it spread all around my body and even into my eyes too

I SEE myself looking at the waterfall that was pounding the water below and smiled

Then my feet begin to tingle and I immediately woke up

I SEE myself beside the wooden box and it seemed so small now

I SEE everything fading away and the vision too
The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi