NH030 - 'The Decipher~ance of The Pineal Gland'

30 December 2013

'The Decipher~ance of The Pineal Gland'

I SEE a field with long grass gently moving from a breeze flowing left to right. I am in the middle and walking across towards a large rock; about the size of a house

I SEE the rock as being unusual; as I get closer and closer, I understand why. From a distance it looks like any rock but I soon realise that this was a grey precious stone

I SEE it closely and realise that the stone has a depthness of colour I have never seen before. The large rock was made up of a cluster of grey stones, about two feet across; all joined together like a jigsaw puzzle

I SEE one of these grey precious stones

I SEE they are colourless, very clear like diamonds that goes through the rock, but the back of each stone is the grey colour, a lighter grey that is

I SEE the shine coming from the stones when the light of the sun shines brightly; as though the whole rock comes alive with excitement. I could feel its energy and it began to communicate

I SEE the rock turn instantly purple, and into a purple diamond and it spoke;

“Dear Soul enter thy divine in honour, we are so grateful you reside with US”

What are US?

“It is the realm of SOULS and enlightened beings Dear Soul; we are here in your heart to inspire that was forgotten.

We are here to inspire and descend our blessing from the ONE true LIGHT

As you listen we inspire you now
Come closer and lift the stone”

I SEE myself being puzzled and thought how I could lift such a large rock, it must weight a thousand ton.

I come closer to the rock and had a go; I gritted my teeth, took several deep breaths and then grabbed part of the rock

To my surprise I actually lifted the rock, it had no weight and I relaxed started breathing as normal

I SEE the rock continued to speak;

“Dear Soul, your rock is not a burden but weightlessness; you can bear what we inspire in YOU; be not alarmed and carry what is yours”

I SEE the purple rock shine even brighter giving off light in all directions; it was huge in size but it was weightless

I SEE myself putting the rock on my head, don’t know why; but I could lift it; and as I do, I cold feel a rush of energy flowing into my head

I SEE my head filling up and then began to direct the energy all over my body

I SEE myself placing the rock down and notice a shower of water coming from a space opening

I SEE the shower as having blue and purple light; incredibly bright it was

I SEE myself walking into the shower light and was instantly cleansed. I notice the shower stopped and a single pear shaped or more like a tear drop crystal clear diamond fall into my hand

I SEE it is the size of my palm and I begin to examine it

I SEE it is clear but has a pink centre circle inside; it is faceted and it reminded me of a diamond which is expertly cut and polished

I SEE it is so beautiful and I then noticed it had a loop and chain. The chain too was made of diamonds

I SEE myself hanging it around my neck with pride and a huge smile filled my face

I SEE everything slowly fading away and I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi