NH029 - The Down~Pour of Liquid Light

21 December 2013

The Down~Pour of Liquid Light~Consciousness ~

I SEE it is raining heavily all around me; everywhere I look there seems to be a downpour

I SEE that I am wrong; it is not water but LIGHT. I soon realise the drops permeate through the skin and even the clothes too; I can feel something tingly inside; I know it is the result of this light shower

I SEE myself concentrated and focusing on where I am, but all I can see is miles of this light shower

I SEE the drops are not wet and the down pour is light energising me

I SEE myself holding my arms like a cup to catch the drops; as I look to see the result; my hands are filled with multicoloured light drops (like oil in water, seeing the dispersion of the colours)

I SEE the level of the light fall and soon it was all gone from my hands; they circulating inside my hands and soon I could feel it running through my arms and then all gone

I SEE my head become heavy and tingly; inside of me the tingly sensations were subsiding and I soon realised the light shower too

I SEE myself looking out into patches of clearing; I am confused, what I am looking at, I said to myself

I SEE that I am wrong, as my vision become clearer, I realise they were different ordered sections; like different gardens all next to each other

I SEE myself walking closer to have a better look

I SEE a garden made completely of precious stones, diamonds, sapphires, Jade and many others were carefully crafted to become flowers; they were not small but huge, some standing at least three feet high. There were a mixture of stem flowers to shrubs of all heights, but all made of precious stones; what a sight

I SEE across and next to the stone garden was fishes; but they were all different types of sizes just standing like statues; maybe stuffed, I don’t know. They were all part of an incredible organised garden as all of the fishes were brightly coloured so from a distance they looked like flowers.

I notice some fishes had arms and hands, how strange, never seen that before

I SEE next to the fish garden, thousands of miniature mature trees, they reminded me of bonsai trees, yet they were all no more then three feet high

I notice there trunks all bark coloured but diamond embedded. There must be thousands of them giving a sparkle to each other trees

I SEE next to the tree garden thousands of sea shells making a circular pattern with a blue marble fountain of water pouring out from a blue sapphire mouth

Suddenly I hear a voice from the sapphire, I walk across the seashells; but realise they were all made of mother or pearl; I sit down at the edge of the marble fountain that is raised about three feet high and watch the water pour out

I hear a voice;

“Dear Soul, listen carefully we guide you now;

Some cannot be guided and

Some will walk with you and

Some will ask to be beside you

So tell them, they need to find there own SILENCE
There path and knowing is unto themselves, encourage and enlighten, so that they may look unto themselves

It is unto themselves they will awaken

The shower drops light unto the world that has subdued thyself; a cleansing of the SELF is commencing; BUT some will shun away and throw wisdom into a dead sea of ignorance.

Be kind mankind, for they are not ready, a lifetime they will travel again to be given a chance of awakening

There is ONE, the ONE and it is WITHIN
There is ONE, the ONE and it shines and SURRENDERS
There is ONE, the ONE and it seeks the path of light
There is ONE, the ONE and it finds the route of BIRTH
There is ONE, the ONE and it will walk beside you, so that you may UNDERSTAND
There is ONE, the ONE and it is PURE LIGHT

The ONE is LIGHT and it is YOU

I SEE and feel a silence come over me and I stand still, listening to the gentle water dropping into the pool in the fountain

I SEE everything fading away and I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi