NH028 - The Openness of LOVE in its Silence

14 December 2013

The Openness of LOVE in its Silence

I SEE rose petals everywhere as far the eye could see; so many colours even blue. Instantly I was so humbled and sat down

I SEE that it is an ocean of love and I was in this love; the rose petals was really a symbol of the sublime and unique attributes of this powerful energy

I SEE as a focused my eyes it began to move and sway like a wave; I too began to move with this frequency. I slowly stood up to SEE this vastness, I soon realised it was boundless and there was no end in sight

I SEE myself walking and thousands of petals underneath my feet; I instantly felt their laughter as I stepped on these petals

I SEE myself walking and walking, being lost but at the same time there was no TIME; but only vastness as though nothing had mattered anymore

I SEE after walking for miles and miles I come to a different part, where everything soon turned from petals to complete rose flowers. Its scent was as hypnotic; I thought I wanted to stay forever in this inner part of this open space

I SEE millions of rose flowers all around me

Then I here a voice speak;

“Love is the energy that has no boundaries BUT yet it has a boundary which is infinite

Matter is lost in LOVE and bows down to salute its throne on ENDLESSNESS

It moves and encompasses when it is called; only then it surrenders its wisdom to the ONE who listens

AND that listener must learn how to listen, to call, to witness the sea of LOVE
The step has no step but only a thought away

The lover is loved as he knows how to love, then only he may send his love back to the lover; only then it become infinite when it is shared with open heart. Woe to love, love that is shared expands”

I SEE my eyes fixed on a rose in front of me, it is purple and it told me to rest and sleep

I SEE myself feeling drowsy and drowsy as I moved closer to the rose; I lay down on the flowers and went to sleep

I feel the roses come around me and over me, to be my blanket and a pillow too

I SEE that I have slept for some time and wake up to a scent of roses and there is wave of music playing YET it is a harmony that it too is boundless

I SEE myself eating the petals and waking up

I SEE my vision is finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi