NH023 - The Inner~Wisdom Speaks

26 November 2013

The Inner~Wisdom Speaks

I SEE a cloud hover down from the sky in front of me

I SEE steps come down and I climb into this cloud; I knew then I was going to be taken somewhere

I SEE the cloud hover upwards and I sit down and then with great speed it went inside a portal or doorway. I could see a whirl of energy all around we shaped like a tunnel. We continued inside this tunnel until it started to slow down and then stop

I SEE we had arrived to a desert, which surprised me; it was completely barren; until

I SEE a pool of green water in the distance; I climb down and head for it, wondering what the pool could be for and why was it not evaporated in this desert

I SEE there is no path but desert sand dunes; it is hard going as my feet kept on sinking and sliding in the slippery sand; eventually I arrived to the pool to see a small palm tree next to it

I SEE the pool is like clear yet shiny green water; it flickers in the sun and I can see sparkles of light, like tiny light bulbs going on and off. I sit down my this pool and have a look inside the pool

I SEE there is a book in this water and it is not that deep; I place my hands in the water and pull the book out.

The cover is made of a leathery mother of pearl and is a tan in shade; it has no title except three symbols;

First symbol….. Is a carved heart with a centre spot circle all in this tan colour

Second symbol…..Is a triangle also carved but with swirls and lines all inside but in some kind of symmetry

Third symbol…..This surprised me, it was a rectangle with completely filled with a tan coloured diamonds and they all began sparkling with my gaze. This was in the middle of the book and the circle was on the left, the triangle on the right

I SEE myself opening the book to reveal a written script and it reads;

“The heart is Open to all who know how to love thyself and in Honour;

Wisdom is the holder of Love;

Love shines brightly when it is shared and loved by thyself;

Conquer the stubbornness of thyself to conquer the love that has opened;

Words are only words when they are not read and put away;

Words open when they are delved inside for the meaning;

Behold the wisdom of the CLEARING for it shines brightly on this day;

Rebel the pain and discard the runes that do not serve;

Be praised and be rejoiced for thyself have found what was hidden;

Now join the ones who know LOVE in its purest and light form, FOR it will expand in your KNOWING”

I SEE myself thinking over the words and then turn over the page which reads;

“The LOVE of Wisdom is to love the HEART for it KNOWS;

It knows what is YOU;
Share what is YOU and so expand in this YOU~ness;

Walk and live in this Heart, for it walks with YOU each day;

Such Love, such wisdom and such heart of HEARTS;

There is no other but YOUR heart;

Open NOW is the depth of ONE~NESS”

I SEE myself leaning against the palm tree and turned over the next page which reads;

“Insight is pure when it is LOVED by thyself and humbled by its ego”

I SEE the book has only three pages, yet it meant a great deal reading these words;

AS I put the book down I notice the back inside cover is completely pink with tiny diamonds all over them. In the middle is a blue and purple diamond, nigger then all the rest

I SEE everything fading away and

I SEE that I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi