NH022 - The Jade Ocean of my Conscious Awareness

24 November 2013

The Jade Ocean of my Conscious Awareness

I SEE that I am in a cave there are sea shells all over the floor; then I hear the sound of the ocean and the waves hitting against rocks. I look around to find exactly where I am

I SEE the cave entrance and the sun beaming down giving light inside

I SEE myself go outside to have a look and as I do, I am surprised to find where I am

I SEE three planets in a darker blue sky, but they are so near, almost taking my whole vision;

I SEE the ocean and the waves hitting the rocks, but the ocean is not water but a fluid light which is more like a jade green with hints of blue turquoise. Yet the flow and waves was exactly like the ocean.

I SEE that I am puzzled by my surroundings and wonder where I am; I look around and under my feet was indeed sand but it was pure white, not a single blemish of other colours

I SEE the jade ocean come to shore and race along the sand, and it was so vivid in there colours and really stood out. In fact everything was intense and bright

I SEE there is a single tree to my right with fruits the size of melons, I immediately head towards it. The tree is covered with leaves but they are all different shapes and sizes, how strange

I SEE the fruit is not a fruit at all but a container of some sorts, it was closed.

“How could containers grow on a tree, that’s not right?” I questioned my self

Then as I inspect the containers closely I realise they were hung on

I SEE there are 11 of these containers and they feel like silk but a thicker silk; they are all green. I pull one out and out it

I SEE there are more sea shells inside and a stone in blue, but roughly cut. It is the size of a coin. The sea shells are smooth to the touch and not rough as most are

I SEE myself sitting down and spreading them out, to my surprise as I do they automatically come together to make a pen. The Blue stone melted inside to make the ink

I SEE myself picking up this sea shell looking pen, wondering what is it I would need this pen for in the middle of no where

I SEE myself getting up and look at the sky, expecting something to happen; as I do I

I SEE that one of the planets is Saturn as I could see the rings around them, it is so clear; the other two planets are a bit further back but clearly visible. Then I notice a bright light shining on the furthest planet

This planet looks like a reddish with bits of other colours too in appearance. The light is so bright that a person would not notice

I SEE in the sky something coming, it looks like a comet and it is heading in my direction. But it soon heads around the planets circling them several times

I SEE the planets begin to rotate, as though the comet had given them movements

Then suddenly the ground begins to shake and begin to rise, immediately I knew it was an earthquake. I drop my pen into the ocean trying to keep my balance; The Ocean too was moving violently then all of a sudden it stops

I SEE everything had gone quiet, the ocean too; but the scene all around me had changed. I was no looking down on the ocean and the ground had raised up to about twenty or thirty feet in the air

I SEE the pen is right beside me and not lost, the tree on my right has gone and the rocks too

I SEE the jade ocean is a lot peaceful then before and there was a smooth wave flowing

I SEE myself sit down by the Cliffside with my feet dangling down, wondering what to expect and looking at my pen

I SEE myself once again looking at the sky and

I SEE a single bird flying around; it is completely yellow and so close to me. It has a bright red beak and a very long tail, perhaps ten feet long. It began to circle around me wondering who I was

I SEE my eye fixed on this bird and was able to see other colours on this bird. Underneath its wings the feathers were orange and a circular black spot was visible. I couldn’t see the other side as it was flying away

I SEE it begins to rain, and the rain is yellow; and soon I am all yellow yet it is pleasant to feel the water fall down on me

I SEE myself open my mouth to drink this water and it is sweet and refreshing. My stomach immediately becomes alive and I feel hungry

I SEE the bird return again and the rain quickly stops; I am all wet yet feel invigorated. The bird drops a something from its beak and it is a cherry or something similar

I SEE myself eating this cherry and soon the vision begins to fade away

I SEE that I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi