NH020 - The Wilderness and the Craved Tree

20 November 2013

The Wilderness and the Craved Tree of my Consciousness

I SEE myself standing in a forest but it is not dense with trees, but enough to easily move around

I SEE it is the end of summer and the start of autumn; as I can see the foliage on the ground.

I SEE when I walk it leaves cushion me and it feels so soft and welcoming too; as though I belong in this wilderness which is most inviting

I SEE myself walking around between the trees and touching them too; they are tall and healthy, full of life I feel inside

(The wilderness is the conscious state of mind and how I am feeling, happy and free; there is no stress or any discomfort. The reason why the trees are so spaced out in between)

I SEE myself continuing walking between the trees until I see a stool, it is wooden and a quarter of my height, how nice I thought and I promptly sat down to relax

As I do I realise I am facing a tree, it is the biggest one around and it is full of engravings; but these are so detailed and intricately down. The trunk of the tree has no bark but full of engraving.

The tree itself is not very high but its tree trunk must ten feet is diameter; so compared to all the rest this was massive in size

I SEE myself looking up and down this engraved tree not focusing on anything, but trying to mind meaning to them

I SEE myself then going over and have a detailed look; as I get there I notice a name on the tree, then another and another. They were filled with names and next to each of them were carvings which I did not recognise.

I SEE one name, Chrystal and there was an engraving of a deer with enormous antlers; the face of the deer was so gentle and loving and I could instantly feel its energy and warmth too

I SEE another name, Steven and an engraving of a lion with an enormous main of hair; again I could feel the strength and warmness of this lion

As I walk around there was an enormous carving, it is circular and the size of the tree trunk

I SEE it has exactly seven triangles, all of them the same; then I notice in the centre there is a chair like emblem. Around this are nine small circles and each engraved with whirls and patterns of straight line. But they had symmetry in there pattern, so it was not randomly done. Inside these small circles and in the centre is a colourless stone, but not diamond. I feel it was not diamond, but another not from this earth

This colourless and yet light and sparkly looking stone, has not been discovered yet

I SEE surrounding these circle are the seven triangles and they all have the same pattern inside of them; they have lines that cross over each other but are all parallel, so it looks like a grid.

Then I notice inside some of these grids (and again in symmetry) all have a small symbol; but there are dozens of them, but sparsely around. Each one of them had a smaller tree engraving inside; but the others had different animals in them.

As I quickly scan the other triangles I realise they were animals and trees, from different species. But one of them which really stood out, which I did not notice had a book

This book was sticking out and in mother of pearl, opened too. It began to shine the more I looked at it. I realised that I was making it come alive and the brightness increased the more I studied it

I went to feel the book and it was shell like in touch but liquidy; as I move my hands away this it became stuck to my fingers. I smile as it was cool and tingly

It was like a striped, shiny and full of whirls and swirls; the same time it was like a glossy nail polish.

I SEE after only a few minutes, my hands became exactly like the colour of this mother of pearl book. Both hands and fingers were the same, I move away from the tree, wondering what has happened

I SEE myself rubbing my face and body with it, and yet it was still present all over my hands. I laugh it was more like covering myself with mother of pearl paint

I SEE the scenes fading away

I SEE that my I have finished and vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi