NH019 - The Wheel of my Hidden Conscious Fortune

17 November 2013

The Wheel of my Hidden Conscious Fortune

I SEE an old grinding wheel that is used for bread or even corn; but it is bigger then anything I have seen. It must be at least 10ft in diameter

I SEE it is made of a coarse stone and it is beautifully decorated; the top stone is made of a pale grey coloured stone, and rough looking. There are etchings which are deep of spirals and twirls all over the top stone

I SEE a wooden handle on top which is used to turn the wheel and a hole, which is used where the wheat goes in

The handle is made of sandal wood, I can recognise the smell immediately; it is four times the size of my hand, so can be held easily with two hands to turn the wheel around.

I continue to examine the wheel and notice a single pink diamond; which is inside and on top of the stone. A place has been made to accommodate this stone which is the size of my fist

I SEE myself walking around the wheel and look at the bottom stone; this is slightly paler then the top stop stone and rougher on appearance too and texture. However on the sides of the stone I can see drawings etched of animals. They look so happy and are more like abstract pictures, so exaggerated long legs of antelope, wilder beast and types of cattle

I SEE the stone is floating about two ft from the ground

I SEE there are no wheat or corn and wonder why it is here on my path; my higher consciousness tells me;

“This is the knowledge of the spiritual self you will SEE today and learn; and this will help you in your daily life”

I SEE myself nodding my head as it made sense now; and I continue to walk down the path

I SEE the path is made of grass but not grass; but looks similar to it. It is like flattened grass and is a long winding path over hills and mountains; I can see it very clearly going for miles, twisting and turning

I SEE myself continue to walk along the path and come to the base of a mountain and I see a cave entrance. I stop to wonder if I should go in or continue walking

I SEE myself looking ahead and notice that there was a long walk to the net mountain, so I decide to investigate and go inside;

As I go in and climb above the stones and rock before getting to the entrance,

I SEE a white stone which seems as though it has been placed there; as it does not match the surrounding rocks. I pick this rock and notice it has no weight to it and is about the size of a dinner plate.

I examine this rock by turning it around and feel the texture and smoothness. It is more like marble and mother of pearl, because it was shining from the light. I notice to in gold a pattern of circles; I realise they were no ordinary circles but concentric circles in a thick layer of gold

I SEE it is made of real gold and each circle from the outer to the inner circle had a stone and there were seven circles. I recognised each of the stones and they were;

1st and outer circle….Ruby
2nd …………………………Amethyst
4th………………………….Blue sapphire
7th…………………………..Pink Diamond

I SEE myself continuing to look at the stone and decide to take it with me inside the cave. I place the stone in my satchel which I had and go inside the cave

I SEE it is a small cave, the size of a typical room about fifteen by twenty ft. The ground was mossy in some places and typical dried soil.

As I have a look around

I SEE a small hole inside one of the wall, I realise that the stone I had would fit inside this place. I take it out and carefully position it to show the concentric circles. Immediately it begins to glow even whiter and brighter, it begins to increase in intensity and brightness

I SEE myself shielding my eyes, such was the brightness and I then understood the meaning; My DNA had been activated and the circles and each stone represented a unique coded knowledge that I could use in my life. This was the direct result of my thinking and desire to know more

I SEE myself understanding my vision and smiling, as I went closer to the brightness and stared into this light. My eyes began to get used to the light very quickly and felt as though I was wearing shades

I SEE the stone soon loose its brightness and shrinks to the size of a small pebble

My higher consciousness tells me to swallow the pebble, and in trust I do so quite easily

I SEE myself coming out of my vision and the scenes fading away

I SEE that I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi