NH018 - The Blue and Inner multicoloured Flame

16 November 2013

The Blue and Inner multicoloured Flame

I SEE bubbles everywhere they are size of balloons are all different shades of blue

I SEE myself inside a ball, perhaps another bubble, which has a blue sky; as I concentrate the colours around me begin to change

I SEE the blue change to light purple then a deeper bright shiny purple.

(I realise that my conscious mind is now switched on to my higher super and spiritual consciousness; the colours meant all this when it changed to blue to purple)

I SEE a purple path in front of me and all the bubbles are slowly flying away and the everywhere becomes clear,

(This is to show my vision becoming clearer and the inner sight is becoming focused)

I SEE my purple path open wider and begin to see running stream of water in the middle; it is a small flow but it is in the middle of the path. I begin to walk on this stream and I can feel its coolness

(This shows my higher consciousness focusing and adjusting further to my vision, and it is shown as a running stream)

I SEE in the distance a bright bluish flame burning brightly and a Man waving to me in the distant. I am puzzled but accept it could be a guide

I SEE myself wave back and quicken my step; but after a while I realise that He is further then I thought and the distant apart was not getting any shorter

I SEE myself still walking at a pace and yet the distance was still the same; I stop and think things through and ask my spirit to explain; and immediately as I do this I am facing the man; as though the distance had just become a single step

I SEE myself looking at the man who was taller then me and slim but perfect build; he says, “take your time dear soul, take a breath”

I do exactly that and calm my breathing.

I SEE myself closing my eyes and resting; I immediately go into a meditative state and feel I am shrinking and becoming smaller

(This is my ego consciousness shrinking and negativity too)

I SEE and feel that I have shrunk to the size of a pea and slowly I can feel myself growing again; With my eyes closed I felt myself getting bigger and bigger and taller too

I SEE myself in my meditative state reach the sky

(This is my psyche awareness becoming awakened and I can reach this distance)

I SEE myself then opening my eyes and the man leads me to a cave, which I follow

I SEE the cave as huge inside yet from the outside it was no more then a large rock. Yet as I look around the space is so vast and I can see a sky too with stars and planets all around

(This is my inner mind being shown and the knowledge in pictures being revealed)

I SEE myself swaying and humming to a rhythm

(This is the harmonic frequency of my spiritual mind which I have connected too)

I SEE myself fly up and into the stars and all around then come back down and into a field

I SEE the field is all around me and in front is a single bright blue flame, burning brightly

I SEE myself recognising the flame as though I have seen it before; it has a brightness and clarity I have never seen before. I wondered what I was seeing; I began to come closer to this flame and see it grow wider

I SEE the flame and its inner colours which were like the rainbow; amazing a flame within a multicoloured flame

I SEE myself walking into this flame and yet there has no heat

I SEE my inner mind being lit up too

(This is the DNA awakening within)

I SEE a voice and it is softly speaking, it says;

“Dear soul, you are welcome”

I SEE myself suddenly awakening and my vision slowly fading away

I SEE that I have finished and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi