NH017 - Conscious DNA activation from the River Path

13 November 2013

Conscious DNA activation from the River Path

I SEE a fast flowing river and the path is in this river too; it is only ankle deep so I was not worried about the flow

I SEE the river getting a little higher, upto my calf muscles now but still I continued to walk along the path

I SEE all of a sudden the flow stopping and it is a clear green marble path; it is shiny too and I can also see green precious stones of all the shades; it is an incredible sight

At the end of the path

I SEE a big mansion spread out for hundreds of yards and a garden too. My higher consciousness began to tell me what this meant;

“The house signified my conscious and super conscious mind”

I SEE myself being curious so I decide to go inside the house; I go through the front door and immediately I notice a seal

I SEE a diamond cluster of six surrounding a cross, which looks like a multiplication sign; this sign is in a black shiny stones; my super consciousness tells me they are black diamonds

I SEE myself going inside to see a big expanse of openness, for miles in every direction; signifying the expansiveness of my mind and spiritual openness too

I SEE myself walking along and looking in every direction and as I look above

I SEE a clear blue sky with a single comet flashing by and in its wake there were snow flakes coming down; well I think they were

I SEE myself concentrating what they are, but they look like snow flakes, with every one a unique geometric pattern. I wondered how this could be possible, every snow flake being completely different.

They were the size of a small plate, and plenty of them; it was like a snow storm

I SEE my super consciousness telling me that they were my DNA in my cells being opened up and I was witnessing the structure and hidden coding in them

I SEE myself catching them and immediately they would disappear and melt inside of me

I SEE the comet fly by and the snow storm stopping, by this time plenty of them had flown across to me and I was walking on them too

I SEE myself looking around again and

I SEE another path in the distance and I head in that direction; as I arrive shortly I can see a stool and a table; it is a small one and looks cute

I SEE on the table a cluster of books all piled up; there were four of them and another pile of nine books. I realised they were different types of spiritual wisdom

I SEE myself going towards the small stool to sit down and immediately the stool and table grow to the correct size and height for me

I SEE that they had adjusted to my height and size; it brought a smile to my face, and I whispered, wow, to myself

I SEE myself collecting the books to read, until I notice a spring of water slowly coming out and underneath the table

It was like a miniature fountain of water gushing upwards; I grab some water from the fountain to drink; it was so clear and better then any mineral water I have ever had.

I could feel my stomach rejoicing to the water that settled down into my stomach, it was a welcoming like no other.

I could feel my stomach giving thanks and demanded more of it. I scoop some more from the fountain and drink it slowly.

I SEE myself slowly filling up with the fountain water but it was not a burden of heaviness in my stomach, but a requirement that was clearly needed.

I SEE myself looking at the two piles of books and I witnessed them all opening up all at the same time

I SEE lights and symbols fly out in all direction; and immediately I knew that I had unlocked something inside of me. I knew sometime in the future I would find out

I SEE my vision fading away and the scenes too, I had finished.

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi