NH016 - MY Winged Horses of my Conscious State

11 November 2013

MY Winged Horses of my Conscious State

I SEE I am in an open area it is vast; it is a field that goes up and down and around to all sides. It is an incredible place. To my right there are clusters of trees and bushes and a pool of water

I SEE in the distance something white; it is too far away to tell what it is and I can hear the ground shake; as I concentrate I realise they are horses running around the field

I SEE myself concentrating further and focusing my eyes; to my surprise they were winged horses; they were in two herds. The first in a herd of seven and the other nine. They were following each other some kind of formation

I SEE them come closer to me and I realise the main hair of the horses were pleated with diamonds in between, making them shine brightly, like light coming of them. There tail was also pleated in different colours precious stones

I SEE them slowing down and coming very close to me, about two feet away and then stopping. I was able to have a closer look at them.

I SEE them tame and friendly and felt they were humble as I read there energies and inside I felt a happiness coming from them

I SEE their coat of hair is brilliant white and perfectly proportioned. They had long hooves, filled with diamonds. They stood about eight ft high

I SEE one of them come close to me and I pat it down and felt the warm body heat coming from the horse. I look to see the tail again and realise there were three colours of precious stones in tail pleated in them

They were blue, purple and green; it interprets as, freedom when they are in this cluster. A consciousness that is free from oppressive traits of the mind. The cluster also shows that it is a mature conscious state and a stable one

I SEE the wings tucked very close to the body and I asked the horse to open its wings; it steps back with pride and flaps softly. It must be at least 10ft across that is each wing, perhaps even more

I SEE the wings again being perfect white brilliance in appearance too. Its feather were so soft and strong too

I SEE the horses all sit down in front of me and I too sit down with them. We were all huddled up close together and being so at peace

I SEE another horse with a different coloured tail; it had three stones that was repeated in a pattern and once again it had a significant meaning

The stones were yellow, red and white diamonds; in this cluster they mean, an expansive consciousness that is infinite; it also meant strength of mind and character.

I SEE we are all ONE and I can feel each of the horse’s heart beats and even their breathing too. It was a peaceful area we were in and the conscious state became even more serene

I SEE that I became ONE with the horses and there breathing too

I SEE my vision fading and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi