NH015 - Inside the Purple Circle

09 November 2013

Inside the Purple Circle of Ethereal Light and my Heart

I SEE a valley and which opens out, but I cannot see that far. I realise, why; I am in a narrow corridor between two huge mountains, it’s more like a crack

I SEE myself walking through this path and the valley opens up into a vast field of purple grass. I did not know they existed and so tall too about 3ft high

I SEE myself walking through this field and there is nothing but this purple grass, I even look around to see anything different, but not

I SEE myself slowing down and surveying the area; there were miles and miles of the same but beautiful purple grass; until

I SEE a different shade of purple in the distance, I make my way there. As I arrive

I SEE a circular pattern in an opening and it was surrounded by a deep purple grass. The pattern was about ten ft in diameter and inside this circle was a line of pebbles.

These pebbles went through the centre of the circle and there was a big blue sapphire in the middle. It was the size of a dinner plate, beautifully cut and more like a shop quality stone someone would buy; but not that big

I SEE myself sitting inside the circle and next to the stone; as I sit down crossed leg, I notice the ground was fluid light. I remember now, it is called ethereal light. I did not sink through as it was like sitting on a water bed

I SEE myself getting comfortable and focus my eyes on this big sapphire, when all of a sudden; I sink through and into the light. But somehow I was still in the field and still sitting inside the circle.

I realised that I was surrounded by this ethereal light which was inside my body too. As thought the light and me was one. I felt all tingly and shivery until that settled down

I SEE myself turning purple inside and this was due to the light being present inside of me. Then

I SEE the sapphire rise above the ground and gently manoeuvre itself and rest perfectly on my head.

I SEE myself wearing this sapphire and it began to filter through and inside my head; I know now, it is actually dissolving into my head and I can feel a little pressure building up, but it is okay

I SEE myself seeing things in my head; they were pictures and scenes of all sorts. I was restless and I told myself to calm down and relax; I repeated these words several time; ‘relax, relax, relax, be calm, relax, relax and be still’

After these words I began to focus on these images and my mind to be able to be coherent.

I realised that I was not in my mind but in my heart, and these pictures were showing in my heart

I SEE all of a sudden everything stopping and the pictures were all gone and a voice began to talk to me;

“Dear Soul, I am the voice of your heart and have come to you to show you the way to your inner heart.

So listen and be at peace for I am your guide, protector, love and teacher.

There exists inside a parchment of wisdom which is coded and the one who has knowledge is able to decipher this wisdom. Every human have this wisdom according to there own soul contract and preference.

This knowledge is opening in all of mankind as we speak, but many are totally unaware.

Dear Soul remind them, they too have this unique inspiration but it is so different to everyone.

Dear Soul, trust in your OWN uniqueness as you do each day and see the birth of your wisdom unfold inside of you and into your heart. As I speak I am inspiring the wisdom to open in your heart and create love, harmony and peace.

Your heart is getting warmer and warmer and soon you will feel this loveness inside of you. This loveness is a doorway to all wisdom that you seek.

With my words the doorway is opening and you will soon feel differently; be not afraid or be in doubt. You are clear and transparent and free from any negatives so be free and trust in YOU as you have always done

Dear Soul, your wisdom is unique unto yourself and need not be compared as each person has there own.

Yes Dear Soul, you can feel it now, the warmth of your heart increasing”

I SEE my heart being warmed up and can feel flowers pouring inside of me, but my mind was telling there is not enough space for these flowers;

But my heart replied, “your heart is fathoms deep and accept these flowers as a gift”.

I SEE myself all of a sudden sitting inside my heart; and I can see it is miles high and wide. Up above there is a single but huge waterfall but pouring flowers were falling gently down; there was every flower I could see from daffodils to sunflowers and everything in-between

I SEE a single book fall down this waterfall and it floated towards me

I SEE it is beautifully carved in wood that I had never seen before; the title read, ‘The Gift of Interpretations’;

I SEE myself gently opening the book and a burst of light came out like a blast but with no pressure. It exploded into me but inside of me and I could feel an immediate change; I began to panic and light began to open inside each of my cells

I SEE my vision fading and finishing

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi