NH014 - The Mercury Light of the Fountains

07 November 2013

The Mercury Light of the Fountains

I SEE a fountain then another and another; there must be thousands and everywhere I looked; some water gushing out like a waterfall whilst others smaller. One caught my eye it went for hundreds of feet in the air, wow I thought

I SEE my path going through this display of fountains and the water falling everywhere; until realise it was not exactly water but fluid light. Yes I am certain it is, there is no wetness as I touch it

I SEE the light being mercury and most was of this colour and some were all the colours of the rainbow and lighter shades too

I SEE another fountain my height ahead and it was all sparkles; until a man walks out. He was tall and slim and wearing mercury coloured tunic. As I get closer and closer I realise he was made of pure mercury light. Even his eyes were shining like diamonds

I SEE him waiting for me standing tall and with a smile

I SEE we each embrace and says, “Dear Soul, will you please go into this fountain”

I SEE myself following his instructions and step into the mercury coloured fountain; instantly I step into a barren desert. There was nothing but sand all around me

Somehow there was so much beauty in seeing all the dunes all around and even mountains of sand above too

I SEE myself not being worries at all of being the only one for miles around or even panicking.

The sun was beaming down, but there was no heat instead it was a source of nutritional food. I could feel my stomach slowly having food in my stomach. How strange that was, and it was satisfying too. Often we become picky with food and watch what we eat. But this was a perfect meal. I have no idea how to describe what was in my stomach

I SEE myself being barefooted walking along the dunes sometimes climbing mountains of sand. I had no direction but it was the experience of being there

I SEE a sand castle in the distance; it was large and spread across a huge area. There were palm trees circling it and I could see huge clusters of dates hanging down.

I SEE myself getting closer and closer until I was almost to the entrance of this castle made of sand. There was a path that led to the door and I decide not to go in but see what was around me

Then I hear a child’s voice singing, and it caught my attention, coming from the house

I SEE myself going to the entrance and walking

I SEE there were hundreds of smaller children like humans all around me and I soon realise that I was big in front of then. They come running up and touching my hands and dragging me to the centre

There were so many of them and I could not focus on any one of them, but they were excited and full of youth, jumping up and down. I smiled and felt at ease

I SEE them lead me to a smaller fountain but it was a blue purple colour but vibrant and light coming from it. They all sat down and looked to the fountain with excitement. I sat down too, wondering what it could be

I SEE myself sitting with them and observing what will happen, after a while I realise that there was nothing happening, yet they had excited faces looking at the fountain

I SEE myself watching too, until I realised that they were looking through and inside the light of the fountain

They were reading and learning messages that was coming from the pouring out of the fountain

I SEE myself as too being a child of learning and that the children all around me were mankind

It made sense and as soon as I realised this; they stated to hug me; then it was one big hug, all hundreds of us

I SEE it was an embrace like no other, so warm hearted and filled with love

I SEE myself closing my eyes and was lost in the embrace of a hundred souls; after a while when I open my eyes, every child grown to adulthood. That really surprised me and they wore exactly the same clothes as I did

I SEE them stand up and leave except one of them, he said ‘it is your turn to look in the fountain and receive your message too’, he then stands up and leaves too. I am by myself in the sand castle

I SEE myself making myself comfortable and look into the bluish and purple fountain

I hear a voice and it says, “Dear soul, the circle of life is nearly completed and soon it will be; another circle is underway, yet many are still asleep and not contributing.

This circle of life we refer to the journey of the Soul and the vehicle of the body that you still reside in. Yet at the same time the light body is partaking another journey and this is your preferred and higher self body

This light body will energise and uplift your consciousness to a height of parallel universes; and you will be able to understand differently then before

This light body resides in your heart and it is your vehicle to climb the out reaches of the spirit”

I SEE the voice has silenced and I only see the fountain, which has turned a deeper purple now

I SEE I have finished and the vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi