NH013 - The Flowered Heart filled with Scents

07 November 2013

The Flowered Heart filled with Scents

I SEE different flowers all around me in a field; and there is a path in the middle goes through to the other side. I feel an overwhelming desire to just enjoy the smells and the scenery, so I just walked very slowly touching the flowers as I went along

I SEE a flower that is large as me which closely resembles a sun flower but it had a blue purple centre instead, and the smell was like no other

I SEE the flower bend down when I go pass and it was a tribute and I felt much humbled

I SEE other flowers too all around me and in all different colours and in all sizes as they begin to sway in the breeze

THEN I hear a sound, it was like singing but very quiet. I immediately stopped walking and listened and concentrated to this singing; I realise immediately that it was the flowers all singing a chorus which was repeating.

It reminded me of a choir and it was a low soothing chorus too. There were different levels and pichness; but the tune was catchy

I SEE myself smiling and said thank you to all around me to witness such beauty. I eyes began to heal and be washed from the music and the sight of all the flowers

I SEE my clothes being covered in petals of all the flowers; I was not sure how they got there but it was like wearing a coat made of the field

I SEE myself continuing and reaching an embankment which went down and I continue

I SEE immediately two people by a very small pond; I can here then talking in the distance and I head for them

I SEE them as human but they were wearing a bandana which was blue with wavy lines across in different colours. One was male the other female and both wore the same white long tunics to their ankles

I SEE that they notice me and immediately give greetings; I somehow recognised them but had no way of knowing where

I SEE them each hug me and we sit down by the pond; I knew the mans name as Isaac and the female as Nisaac. They did not need to give me their names, somehow I knew, strange

I SEE myself asking them “where am I?”

Isaac replies, “you are in your dreams conscious state exploring the fathoms of your inner sight through your Soul; your finger tips have come alive again and witnessing and seeing in their wisdom of KNOWING.

We are a part of your KNOWING and wisdom and to help you understand, what you see around.

This also includes to better understanding the SELF and your OWN psyche which continues to evolve as you evolve to a higher spiritual AWARENESS, through the SELF”

Nisaac added, “We are here to bring LOVE to your heart and bring forward a RAY of hope and passion that will spring into life through our touch”

I SEE them both come forward and each touching my heart and we close our eyes together. I could feel flowers going inside of me, which was strange. But then there were many scents too being sent by Isaac and Nisaac.

I could feel a slight pressure and then an immediate rush of a force of light inside of my heart, this went on for about a few minutes and them we all opened our eyes and it was all over

I SEE myself and them all smiling and the scenes begin to fade away

I SEE my vision finishing too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi