NH012 - The Diamond Cascading Waterfall

07 November 2013

The Diamond Cascading Waterfall

I SEE a spiral path over the horizon and beyond; it seems like a century long. The path too is striped colour with exactly seven colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The colours of the rainbow and in this order too

I SEE my clothes too is multicoloured shirt with white trousers

I SEE and feel that I am full of energy and walk along my path with a steady pace

I SEE after a while everything changing as though I am seeing something completely different then before

There are waterfalls every where, count nine of them in all directions, left to the right. Some are lower and others elevated high up, all cascading down a mountain

I SEE waterfall which is really shiny and full of sparkles, I go close to it and realise that it was not water. That left me puzzled.

I notice all the waterfalls falling into the same big pool and I was in that pool. I realise this particular waterfall was diamonds, tiny ones coming from the mountains and falling into the pool

I SEE the other waterfalls as being water, it was this one that was diamonds and it was the centre of all them

I SEE that I have the urge to have a shower in this diamond fall; I take three steps and put my head in the diamond fall; completely fearlessly

I SEE that they is no pain or any pressure of the diamonds hitting my head; instead a coolness and revitalizing feeling was sent throughout my body

I SEE and feel a tingling sensation and I begin to see another vision

I SEE cluster of trees and flowers in sections; there were five trees, then seven, then nine trees to my right.

There were four small flowers, eight bigger flowers and sixteen larger flowers to my left.

I recognise that it could me a sign and I would need to interpret them later.

I SEE my high super consciousness telling me that this represents my DNA strands

I SEE myself going to the middle of the clusters and immediately a large bird flies from behind the trees and lands on my shoulder.

IT had a long multicoloured tail perhaps 3ft long and it was completely blue. Its beak was gold and its wings were full of diamonds

I SEE myself stroking the bird and it began to lean against my face and rub into it. It was so friendly and loving. I feel that love coming inside of me and it makes me awake.

I SEE visions of my childhood and scenes of school that flashed before me; and a constant voice like a tape recorder saying the same word over and over again, “forgive, forgive, forgive”

I soon realise to forget the past and also to forgive myself and not to be too critical, of the mistakes through childhood ignorance. I needed to move on

AS soon as I realise this a see that I am on top of a mountain looking over a see of trees in all shades of natures colours. I feel so happy

I SEE that I am back with the bird which is still rubbing my face with its feathery face

I SEE that the vision quickly begins to fade away and finish

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi