NH011 - The Freedom

03 November 2013

The Freedom of the Higher Consciousness

I SEE a carpet around me in a room; it is heavily decorated with swirls and all sorts of patterns. It’s more like a collage with all sorts of colours too. Somehow it looked vibrant and the images all eye catching.

I SEE that I am barefooted walking on this carpet; I can feel the thickness and softness of the carpet; then I stop and wonder what I am doing in this room

I SEE myself looking around the room, with no windows or a door; I realised that I am trapped inside. Yet I don’t feel any sense of worry or even panic. I felt completely ONE with myself.

I SEE myself sitting down and laid down, spreading my legs and completely relaxed; as soon as I do that, I begin to fall down

I SEE myself going into a portal of some kind; I can see whirls and colours flashing all around me. I was moving sideways then upwards flying out of control and trying to compose myself too

I SEE all of a sudden I have stopped in a field; I am lying down on a field and in front of me is a bird. It is black and white and closely resembles a Magpie, just sitting

I SEE myself sit up and crossed leg and face the bird. I realise the bird was twice the size of the ones we get here

I SEE it move its head from one side to the other, it was studying me and I began to study the bird too

I SEE we are both silent and not a single word is spoken at all, and my mind is not sure if I should at all

After a while I said hello, to my astonishment it replied back, ‘hello Shazi’
Wow it could talk and I said back, ‘how is it you can talk?’

The Magpie replies

“I am your expression of the free consciousness that resides in your soul and spirit. I am that image you see.

You can call it your higher consciousness or even super consciousness, I am that too.

This consciousness that you see has the freedom to go whatever it chooses, so depending on your focus and target I fly my wings and head in that direction.

Do you SEE, and KNOW what the consciousness represents?”

I SEE myself replying, ‘please explain more’.

I SEE the Magpie continue;

“The expression of freedom is the higher consciousness and represents the freedom of the Soul.

You are FREE, according to the appellation and command exercised by YOU which you call, FREE WILL.

You free will is used to free the consciousness WITHIN, and it is WHY you see me as a bird.

I am a reminder of that freedom that you SEE each day and including your visions too”.

I SEE the bird fly away and into the forest

I SEE myself watching its fly path and admired the freedom of the Magpie

I SEE my vision fading away and finishing

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi