NH010 - My Rock Companion

03 November 2013

My Rock Companion making Way to an Inner Knowing

I SEE a rock beside me, half my size, along my path but I carry on walking. To my surprise it begins to roll down with me and when I stop it stops too

I SEE myself laughing, wondering if it was following me; I decide it does not matter and continue walking with my rock friend, ah well

I SEE myself walking quite a distance with the rock at the same speed and side by side; on occasions I would look to my right to see if it was there, with a wry smile

I SEE in the distance a huge wall, across the whole horizon; it is completely blocking my sight and all around. It must be miles high and across too

I SEE myself coming to a stop and then felt the wall, pushing it hard, but it was no way it would move. I wondered what step I could go or even go back

Then suddenly the rock moves several feet backwards and at a rapid pace goes straight through the wall. It made a huge hole and vanished; now I know why it was with me. It made sense now and I go through the space made by the rock

I SEE a crystal the size of a big football, maybe half my size; it is incredibly shiny and I can see all its facets. I come closer to see it and it is liquidy and I can push through it; yet when I move my hand back and out it looks like a solid rock crystal. Another strange and unexplained happening again

I SEE inside he crystal several things or symbols; I concentrate my eyes and focused to get a closer look

I SEE an umbrella but it was made like the Chinese paper ones, next to it is a round ball. This ball is made of rock, a dark navy with swirly patterns all around it. Next to this is a branch, a bonsai tree it looks like so miniature in size.

Then several spaces away I notice four different jewels;
One…is a diamond but cut into a rhombus

Two…is an orangey stone cut into a perfect circle and like a shop quality one

Third …is another diamond, but this time it was bigger and shaped into a heart and a green centre; maybe jade.

Fourth…is a chair but is made of a precious stone which I cannot recognise; it is shiny and purple in colour

I SEE it is enclosed in a glass or something that is transparent, how unusual I thought

I SEE myself moving away and carrying along my path, but immediately

I SEE a table and chair with food, there was a goblet of some kind of drink; next to this was a loaf of bread a circular one and decorated with swirls on the outside. There was also a plate of grapes and a single banana

I SEE myself sitting down and eating, starting with the bread; as a take the first bite, I notice it contained cheese too. I take a drink and it was from fresh fruit.

I SEE myself eating and finishing the whole contents of the table, a treat I thought to myself. I tummy felt an ease and not overdone at all. It gave me energy and lifted my spirits

I SEE myself standing up and moving away from the table to my path; but I notice some more symbols embossed on wooden tablets on the side. Another sign I thought to myself and begin examining them

I SEE there were two tablets and each one was completely different in its symbols;

First tablet had a forest theme in the background that completely covered the whole of the space; inside and in the middle is a single tree, complete with leaves and branches; instantly it reminded of the tree of life as it looked exactly like it.

Second tablet had a different engraving, they were covered in symbols; there were seven symbols of the same size but different is shapes

One…a rock, perfectly carved

Two…a tray of food, containing bread, goblet, mixed fruit and wheat

Three…a tree with a sun shining next to it

Four…a circle, inside an infinity sign

Five…a triangle containing a circle which is touching all three sides

Six…another rock but different with a small bush growing on top

Seven…a pyramid

I SEE myself collecting the tablets and immediately they begin to attach to myself, as though they were stuck. I begin to struggle and push it away, but it was glued to my clothes

I SEE the tablets slowly melt into ME and dissolve into my inner body. I feel the energy and the liquid chemistry that was rushing around the body. It made my body go cool

I SEE my vision fading away and it has finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi