NH009 - The Rays of the SUN and the Green

02 November 2013

The Rays of the SUN and the Green, Purple feather

I SEE a whirlpool in a large lake which is surrounded by a forest

I SEE myself walking down the path to the lake; but as soon as a get closer the whirlpool slowly loses speed. The water then calms down and I can see the calmness and stillness of the water.

I SEE the different shades of blue and a hint of green reflecting from the forest bushes and trees

I SEE there is a man behind the lake waving at me; I then go around and see this man. He has a dark complexion and closely resembles a man from Africa but not completely black, perhaps a mixed race. He stood about six feet tall and wore a long tunic that went to his ankles

I SEE the man having curly hair and wore a necklace with a long silver coloured chain, but I could not make out the inscriptions or symbols of the medallion that was hanging from his neck

I SEE myself getting closer then the man says, ‘hurry you need to come with me’; I was completely surprised by the urgency of his words, I even felt guilty wondering if I had done something wrong

I SEE us hurrying down a path at great speed and in my mind was a cluster of mixed thoughts from what is going on to what I have done. Nevertheless I calmed myself down and my thoughts to NOT get myself all confused and emotional, when I knew nothing

After a while and going the path that was often like a dirt track through bushes and heavy foliage, we come to a steep embankment. We climbed slowly up which took several minutes to look down the valley.

I SEE the man say, ‘look, the Sunrise’; over to my right

I SEE the Sun rising up behind the mountain; it was huge and not intense to look at. There was no sun blindness by gazing at it but a smoothness and calmness I have never felt before

I SEE the Sun which is bright with oranges and purples flashing outwards; and blues too. The Sun radiates these light outwards and they actually strike the land to transform the area instantly. I watched with eagerness as its rays created growth and plant rejuvenation but it was a faster speed process

I SEE the grass come alive to a little seedling then into a fledgling plant, which soon grew o a small size tree or even a bush. This was happening all around me, across the valley. There must have been hundreds of plants growing all around me

I SEE the suns light striking the trees and it began to shake its leaves and they became shinier and bright; as though they were washed by the light, how wonderful the process, I thought to myself

I SEE myself sitting down at the edge with my feet dangling and watching the rays of the sun shine everywhere and do its magic

I SEE a ray in slow motion, strike out and I follow it wondering where it was going. In a straight line it stroke a tree. The bark became energised and began to emit a sap. Then I saw a bird fly down and hover, then began drinking the sap

I SEE the wonders of nature all around me and began to understand the process and how the light of the sun played such a significant role. I smiled and stared at all the trees, bushes and little plants too being fed by the sun

I SEE the man next to me had gone leaving me alone to enjoy the scene that was happening all around me

Then as the sun got higher and higher, a flock of birds flew over the valley; there must have been a thousand birds. They were all churping and being excited. I could understand what they were saying; they were praising the wonderful rays of the sun and the trees too. They said how lucky and thankful they are to witness such an event and live in this valley too.

I was surprised how excited and enthusiastic they were in flying around and eager to land and drink from the sap. The forest was full of birds all at this point had landed on the trees

I SEE all of this and wondered I will never witness such an event ever happening again. Then

I SEE a single bird fly towards me coming closer and closer; it closely resembled a nightingale, but I am not an expert on birds. It was small bird and had blue and purple feathers in its wings and mainly was white

I SEE the bird rest in front of me and was curious who I was; I saw it pluck a purple then a blue feather from its wings and rested it into my hand. I said thank you softly and saw the bird fly back to the trees

I SEE the tiny feathers, they were shiny and soft; in between the middle of the feather was the white plume that held all the feathers together; it was a silvery diamond colour shining brightly

Wow I said to myself and placed it in my shirt pocket

I SEE the vision fading away, but saw the glimpse of the birds rising above the clouds and flying away

I SEE my vision has finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi