NH007 - The Turquoise Blue Sky

02 November 2013

The Turquoise Blue Sky

I SEE that I am on an open ground underneath a blue turquoise sky; the sky is so beautiful and the place is so vast.

I SEE nothing for miles on either side, there is no path or anything, just emptiness. But there is so much peace in this emptiness

I SEE myself sitting down and being ‘care free’. I was feeling free from all of my worries and stresses of life. I was amazed and thankful that I had found such a peaceful place

I SEE myself laying down with my arms wide open, just looking at the blue sky; then I notice a single star in the sky then another and another, until there were thousands all around me. They were shining like a diamond

I SEE some of them move to make a cross, then a moon and finally a star shape. I was fascinated it was like watching a show but nothing could compare to such a scene, I felt so humble and thankful too

I SEE the stars come together to make an enormous circle. The inner circle of stars made a square and they were shinning green; from each corner of the square two diagonal lines in red. All this was clearly visible and contained in this complete circle. I knew this was a sign an d I would need to interpret another time

I SEE a single star leaving the circle slowly, it changes colour to a brilliant fluorescent orange, much like the high visibility vests workmen wear

I SEE it increase in size slowly and into, almost four times the size of the others

Then immediately a ray of light shoots out and into my forehead; it shocks me, but I feel peace in this light and soon become calm

I SEE myself being fed by this orange light and my eyes still fixed on the circular stars above. I was even peaceful then before and slowly my eyes begin to feel heavy and heavy.

I SEE myself closing my eyes and I fall asleep

I SEE myself having a vision and this

I SEE a large lake with a large boat and oars; there is no one on board but the boat is just resting in the lake. It is a clear day and there is no wind but just a gentle breeze on my face

I can feel the coolness and peacefulness of the area I was in. I wondered where I was and I instinctively climb into the boat. AS soon as I get in the oars begin to move and we are off at a steady speed; wow I thought to myself

I SEE that we are moving down the lake and I can see the shoreline coming closer and closer. Until we stop at the side of the lake and I get off. I am drawn to a single red flower in the distance, it looks like a poppy and a rose mixed together, with a rather long and thick green stem. The flower was about my height and just gently moved in the breeze

I SEE myself getting closer and closer to the flower until I am next to it

I SEE the flower begin to speak, in a very soft voice

‘I am YOU dear Soul; I am your reflection of your heart. What you SEE is your heart. Everything around you is the space inside your heart.

Go on look’

I SEE myself looking around and I could see the lake behind me and the open blue turquoise sky again; but this time there were no stars above except the one. It was the same orange star I had seen earlier

I SEE the flower continue speaking,
‘Now look again and see what you can SEE’

I SEE myself looking around and notice a field, the lake had disappeared. The field was arranged in a geometric symbolic arrangement; it was a pattern, but I could not understand it.

I SEE myself inspecting it closely and calmed my racing mind that was so eager and excited. I notice it was a pentagon, a five sided regular shaped. Inside the shape were five circles and they touched each other including the sides of the pentagon. All were exactly the same size and in different shades of green grass.

I SEE inside and exactly in the centre was an open space and there rested a large book which was open

I turn around to look at the flower which began to speak again;

‘Dear Soul be more YOU and independent of others and fill your heart with the voice of the SPIRIT. Build the voice in your heart and let it reside there with YOU’

I SEE the flower stop moving and the breeze too

I SEE the flower expand double the size and begin to vanish slowly

I SEE that I have finished and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi