NH005 - I AM the Book

30 October 2013

I AM the Book

I SEE bright lights everywhere and it I cover my eyes to shield this light

I SEE the ground and my path, I walk slowly shielding my eyes, so bright are these lights

I SEE myself walking along for a while yet my head is still looking down; I wonder when I will be able to lift my head up.

I SEE in this instant of asking I automatically put my face up; I decide to look into this light and face its brightness. Instantly my eyes go into a shock but I force myself to keep my eyes open regardless.

I SEE my eyes slowly adjusting to its brightness and there is another vision inside that I see now

I SEE inside the bright light a MAN sitting down reading, I am not sure. As I concentrate and refocus on him, he is reading a very large book. This man is old but not too old, it reminds me of a wise man, a sage perhaps.

I keep on observing him and all the time he is reading this book. I focus and concentrate on his face which I could see. It was no one I could recognise but he had fair complexion and he smiles as he reads

I SEE that he is wearing a white tunic and trousers and bare footed; and my higher consciousness tells me to focus on him and not what he is wearing, which I do immediately

I SEE him look up and instantly he looks into my eyes. My vision is his eyes; all I can see now are his eyes. They were magnetic and I keep on looking and he too gazes straight into me and my mind

I SEE and feel him cleanse my eyes and wash them, just by his own eyes.

I SEE keep cleansing my eyes and my higher consciousness telling me to keep looking and let this happen

I SEE myself staying like this for a while until, he smiles and then disappear altogether

All of a sudden the bright lights disappear and I can see clearly without the harshness of before

I SEE an emerald palace in the distant and it is in front of a mountain which stands tall above the horizon. It is beautiful to see such a huge palace and I wonder what it could be

I SEE myself walking towards it and soon come close enough to look at it detail; but I am drawn to a fountain standing ten feet high next to this huge palace. I forget the palace and walk towards this fountain

I SEE the fountain is milky in colour; it was not water but milkiness. I think it is Noor light or a high intensity light that has form and light together. It is over flowing into the air and increasing all the time, as though I had made it come alive again

I SEE the flow increase; 15ft and now 20 ft and even higher. It becomes so high that it is the milky water was landing on the palace and me. I was getting wet but not wet, as it instantly became dry and disappeared.

I SEE the flow increasing all the time and maybe is about 100ft into the air and yet the water was disappearing. Then my higher consciousness tells be that it being absorbed. Then I notice I am turning milky colour. My skin and clothes had changed into this milky colour

I SEE myself touching my skin; it was so smooth and reminds me of touching a baby’s skin. As I feel my fingers they too were smooth and yet I was not wet

I SEE myself after a while still being drenched by this milky water from the fountain; and all of a sudden it stops flowing altogether

I SEE myself looking closer to find what happens and realise everything even the palace was Milky coloured. Everything was one colour now, I was surprised

I SEE myself looking all around the mountain which retained its rocky green colour, but the rest was milky

I SEE myself walking closely to this palace which has changed its emerald green colour

I SEE myself going into the doors and suddenly the vision fades away and

I SEE that I am in a valley walking down a steep incline; the sun is shining brightly and it is warm too. I am drawn to an object in the distant on the grass ground. I walk towards it and see it is a pillow shaped object

I SEE that I am wrong it is not a pillow but a book shaped like a pillow. As I bow down to pick it up the book disappears into ashes. I am disappointed and wandered what it could be

I SEE the ashes are stuck to my hands and it feels so smooth, that I begin to rub it into my hands. It is like a moisturiser and soon it blends into my skin and vanishes

I SEE and KNOW that I AM this book and more; as though a realisation had come over me to say this.

‘I AM the book, I AM the book, I AM the book…………’

 These words kept on being repeated in my mind over and over again and another thought then takes over

‘The journey is YOU; the journey is YOU, so stop looking’

I instantly smile when I hear these words.

I SEE indeed that I AM the BOOK
I SEE myself waking down the hill and the scenes fading away

I SEE that I have finished and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi


“The Light / contact / intimation from The Book of Knowledge / Wisdom approach YOU, lighting up your pathway unto innate Wisdom... The MAN who reads the Book on, is CLARITY personified for the re~Cognition and ease of Hue’ MAN MIND...

The Act of LOOK~ing intensely with Divine Aspects impart divinity to what it is looking up on.... EYEs to EYEs are soul~reading... and Light~Transference... through which YOUR EYEs are CLARIFIED in their Inner~VISION....

The EYEs of CLARITY tempered and balanced your State of CONSCIOUSNESS, so that YOU BE~Came enabled to look into LIGHT, which is YOU, with much ease....

The EMERALD points to HEART~Chakric Balance, the Palace denotes a Dwelling place of Abundance.... The Fountain is Out~POUR~ing of Cosmic Intelligence, in Celebratory Rejoice in your Presence and your Attention that YOU now pay unto it....

The Fountains of Pure Consciousness enters your whole body and BE~ing ness... and YOU were budged to receive this Pure Light into your whole BE~ing ness... which changes Who You ARE....Looking with YOUR EYEs to see many things and to LOOK with your Wholesomeness is different.... The latter helps you see WHOLESOME~ness of LIFE as such....and hence YOU SEE everything turn into One Milkiness of Light....

The Mountain points to your inner Heights, or The Heights of The HEART... that alone leads you to this Palace within where your Pure CONSCIOUSNESS is The In~Dweller... it remains Green to remind you that YOU MAY visit this Palace that is Your HOME through your HEART....

From your Inner HEIGHTs of Pure Consciousness, you are now walking down the lanes of Hue’ MAN Consciousness / Dense World, which is what The VALLEY represents....steep incline shows the DESCEND you took to become Hue’ MAN....

The Book that seemed like a Pillow is KNOWLEDGE represented by Studies.... This is New Earth Year 1 and YOU are required to refrain from giving your attention to knowledge coming from books....'CAUSE the Only BOOK that is Pure Consciousness that is DIVINE CREATION.................is YOU ~*
It is not required of YOU to look outside for KNOWLEDGE and yet when you look, it will point to your INNER WORLD of KNOW~ing and as you apply this KNOW~ing that comes to you like that Fountain that pours on, it is WISDOM.... ~*

The BOOK of LIFE that YOU ARE..... must be read and studied by YOU....~ * and you will see each page has The LIGHT in it, and what ever else imposed and projected is mere ashes... and so I SEE.... ~ * “