NH004 - The Star and I Climb In

29 October 2013

The Star and I Climb In

I SEE a star flash by at great speed as I stand on my path; I follow it and watch it fade away

I SEE another star much slower go by, this time I am able to see its colour of purple and a bit of red and blue too

I SEE it again go by and into the distance

I SEE myself walking down the path and my eyes fixed into the blue sky above, hoping another star flash by

I SEE that after a short distance, a star indeed comes into my vision but it is very slow moving. I am surprised how slow it is and lower too. I feel it is coming towards ME; I quicken my step in the excitement

I SEE the star is as big as a large balloon for it looks like it in the distance. It is not a perfect circle but more oval just a little bit, but still far away and coming closer

I SEE it is a perfect circle and the size of about 6 metres in diameter and hovers close to me and descends into the path.

I SEE it is a sparkly appearance with diamond like lights exploding in its core and shining out. It just hovers in front of me and thinking what exactly is it purpose

I SEE that the Star is white as its main core and multicoloured lights explode outwards into the space around. But this explosion reminds me of a bubbling volcanic lava, for it was exactly that, but different lights

I SEE myself wanting o touch it, I move forward and suddenly it moves back a little; then I notice my forehead throbbing and I could feel its pressure building up

I SEE that the Star is still in front of ME and hovering about two feet above my path; then all of a sudden it opens up; I move a few steps back in surprise of it happening

I SEE blackness inside of its opening and I come closer to have a look and inside I see flowers and jewels but very large. Next to them is a chair, incredibly engraved in wood. I notice the Jewels were illuminating the blackness and they were getting brighter and brighter

I SEE its individual light path, it reminded me of a laser beam of light; but this is much different. These were thousands of individual laser lights coming out of the jewels

I SEE myself coming closer as I watch the Star lower to the ground; I am compelled to go inside and sit that chair. My mind is telling me to do it and I climb inside.

As I do the space inside is huge, it’s like another chamber but another atmosphere and entering into another planet. You are another blue sky above me and the space is not black at all but bright. I wonder in amazement and look around.

I can see distant trees and mountains far away, maybe hundreds of miles away. There are fields to my right and beyond too

I SEE myself looking around 360 degrees absorbing everything around me; I can feel the excitement building up and was glad I went into this Star

I SEE myself looking at the chair which is made of a light wood and beautifully carved yet not overdone like a throne, yet it was beautiful to look at

I SEE the flowers and jewels radiating outwards next to the chair as before

I SEE myself finally sitting on the chair and feeling relieved that I had done that

I SEE myself melt into the chair and the chair and ME as one. A weird feeling comes over me, the chair had disappeared and as though I was floating above the ground. I felt I had no weight but just hovering. My legs begin to stretch out and I am sitting upright just floating

I SEE myself being absorbed, or was I absorbing everything around. I could not be sure and I watch and feel what is happening. I am confused and mu mind races in different thoughts and conclusions

I SEE myself calming and patting myself and saying it’s alright and focus

I SEE my thoughts steadying and not over thinking any more; I finally relax and I can hear my heart beat. It is very slow and yet calm and I feel relaxed and peaceful at last

I SEE myself absorbing the atmosphere, the sky, the mountains and everything around me. Its energy was coming inside and gong through my body; I close my eyes and let this happen

I SEE myself being one with everything and all that is around me. I can feel the fluttering of the trees and how it feels when the wind blows onto the leaves. Then I feel the ground and what it is like to be stepped upon; so many KNOWING go through at an instant. I was everything around me and was building up there and sharing there experiences. How weird but thankful I was

I SEE all of a sudden all my thoughts come to a point and a voice saying,

‘You are everything but nothing and yet One with ALL’

I SEE myself waking up and the scenes fading away

I SEE that I have finished and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi


The Star is my higher self and my psyche is showing me this.

In this vision it is showing me my INNER terrain and development so far.

It also has an important message for you and that is the last sentence in it

‘’you are everything but nothing’’

Meaning ….I AM this I AM that and yet NEITHER…. which is a SELF~REALIZATION

Meaning I can be everything and yet neither of anything specifically

I used to say I AM an everybody who is acting as somebody that is nobody!

Again these are realizations within, which led to therein by Higher SELF Or say SOUL CHAKRA or soul and crown chakra meld

Together these form a STAR which is also GOD LIGHT