NH003 - The Blue Moon

28 October 2013

The Blue Moon

I SEE a path and ahead of me a blue bright moon; it is so close and I can even see the craters

I SEE that it takes up all of my vision and I just stand mesmerised by the sight of it all; so huge and bright

I SEE the moon in my vision and my hands and finger tips begin to tingle; I can feel the energy as I write these words and my vision

I SEE and know that the Blue moon is giving me the energy to concentrate and feeding the body of its light

I SEE myself tingling all over and even shake and shiver, as the sensation ripples through the body; I close my eyes and direct this wave inside and around my body, not forgetting to earth it too

I SEE the moon revolve and turn anticlockwise and I can see lights radiating outwards towards me

I SEE the moon come closer and closer as and then there is nothing but the moon I see

I SEE and know my eyes are not blinking but just opened and staring at this moon

I SEE the moon continue revolving and I become drowsy and drowsier; then I am suddenly I awaken. I realise the moon has stopped revolving and a single white light is coming from its centre towards ME

I SEE this white light coming from the centre of this Blue moon and into my centre of the heart

I SEE a cool feeling inside my heart and feel roses being opened inside of me

I SEE that the roses are all red, with big blooms the size of dinner plates and its scent being all inside my heart

I SEE the Blue moon slowly shrink in size

I SEE it getting smaller and smaller until it is the size of my heart

I SEE it rush into my heart and I could feel that energy rush; it made me jump back in shock but I remained calm. Telling myself that it was alright

I SEE the Blue moon rest inside close to the red roses

I SEE that I have finished and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi


It is my Psyche that is contacting me and also the inner~SELF or INNATE is now awakened to acknowledge what I am SEE~ing through the tingles....

The Psyche elevating to the HEART...in a way awakening of the heart as well

The Blue Moon is The Psyche.... looking at ME, that ME now SEE~ing.... it merges with Wisdom of The Heart's Red Rose....

In effect I will be driven by my Heart's Compassion and not of Psyche's probing....

I so SEE…..