NH002 - A new step forward

10 October 2013

A new step forward into the Unknowing or knowing

It need not matter what the steps are and where the direction is, as long as the inner personality of the SELF stays intact.

This means the inner balance of the SELF is not tarnished and emotionally upset, that it creates WALLS to stop the flow of YOU and your connection to the SPIRIT.

The steps are your own and it does not matter how you find this direction, goal and way as long as you recognise that this is the true IDENTITY of your personality and NAME.

Your KNOWING is a part of your own unique CODES and destiny too. It has been written for you so that you may UNDERSTAND.

This understanding is the soul’s reality and future footing into dimensional changes and way. It is simply your LIFE as many are still totally unaware.

The Life we lead is only a fraction of our understanding and reality but as yet we ignore most of the reality as we cannot SEE.

This SEE~ing is part of KNOWING too and a part of a hidden sight that still eludes many.

We exist for a purpose and that the soul desired and adheres to a contract that was made to EXPERIENCE the trials and tribulations of all existence and reality as we know it but much we do not.

The words will continue to flow and the knowing will increase as you step into this KNOWING of the SELF.

There are many who still shun and adhere to realities and living of the old paradigm, but it is time that all has to change and step into a reality where the planet and its CONSCIOUNESS is heading. This includes us and all of mankind.
The old paradigm is gone and the ways have been dissolved and the path is a new one into another yet superior KNOWING. The insight is too part of a greater perception of the SELF.

We are reaching a point when personalities will collapse and the MIND will no longer tolerate energies as it holds onto something that is inferior.

It does not know what is right for the body but to step into the path that many have tread before, yet there is no change.

It is your choice

What you chose is your choice and we respect that always and respect free will too

Know your CONNECTION then we will all understand.

By Shazi in the new haven that I exist IN