NH001 - No attachments

13 October 2013

No attachments, time to let go of them all

In my next journey, as I have been calling it since I ever started there are no attachments.

I have left my mother and Jesus too

Perhaps some off you are wondering WHY, and many have enjoyed the readings too.

The next journey requires ME to venture forward and strictly connecting with my higher self as I continue to write.

My flow is still there requiring ME to connect directly with my SPIRIT, and this is the true CONSCIOUSNESS and identity of the SELF.

I ask YOU who are reading these words to disconnect with any teachings of the old paradigm as they have expired.

The old before December 2012 serves no purpose and the words are just words of the old; this includes the thousands of channellings I have written. They serve no purpose and the words were a dimension that is slowly fading away.

So join me in connecting with YOU and hold your SELF together with YOU in TOW or in HAND.

Let the soul be your friend and close companion.

If WE continue to channell others but OUR SELF then the journey of the soul will always be longer then necessary.

Shorten the path and connect with your soul and forget in confidence to the masters of old; for they were our strength BUT they too want you to go it alone and find the connection that many lack and forgotten.

There can be no other but YOU

The connection must be pure so there can be no other.


Wake up
Wake up
Wake up

It is time that the drop of a single pearl be felt in a millions places at a time. For you are that pearl, waiting for YOU to connect with words of your spirit.

The spirit is your friend now.

There can be no other and so let go of all attachments; for ALL the Prophets and saints words have all said the same, to go out and find YOUR SELF in YOU.

They continue to inspire BUT the greatest inspiration is the words of the SPIRIT that resides in YOU.

YOU have been the secret and we need to stop looking externally but within.

I cry for YOU for my tears is that YOU will do so.

Seek not that is outside of you any more, for the words have expired and they serve no more.

So trust YOU and find YOU in YOU, it is WITHIN; so let go and YOU are never alone; for your SOUL guides you still.

LISTEN and LISTEN still the silence of the SELF and let it meet and greet you STILL in silence.

As you come to KNOW, then you will understand that they can be no other connection but YOUR SELF in the words of the spirit, I say this.

So join me in my stillness and silence

By Shazi in the new haven that I exist IN