10 October 2013


After threes finding my way in the maze of uncertainty and now to the truth; I found myself completing a full circle and coming back to my origins of my own existence.

I am writing another introduction to renew my whereabouts and to tell you a few things which are too important.

I have spent a few months away, writing very little and getting to know ME in my new awakening. So much has happened and at the same time so little too.

The cleansing continues for all and the questioning too is more advanced then every before; as daily the LIGHT begins to permeate ever so closely, and smiting the darkness that has held me for so long.

Doubt and uncertainty has always been a plague for mankind; some claim that they have rid it forever, but this is untrue as long as MANKIND inhabits this world.

Gravity causes much of this and we still are held in this field.

Breathe more and inhale deeply as the NEW YOU commences and renews the existence and ever closer to the PATH of LIGHT and dimensional existence.

I am writing to tell you that I am still seeking out and finding ME as ME; and as yet I am still am not satisfied and continue WITH YOU to find MYSELF in the LIGHT.

I ask that YOU too find oneself.

As we continue…………………..Shazi