MSV010 - Surfing the Infinite~Ocean of Consciousness that I AM

15 January 2014

Surfing the Infinite~Ocean of Consciousness that I AM

I SEE that I am riding a wave surrounded by an endless ocean; I realise where I am and bend my knees like a surfer riding the wave of a lifetime

I SEE this wave as not finishing and from the initial shock I begin to enjoy this ride

I SEE around me is a deep blue but clear ocean and the wave is the only one around; so I am lucky that I am riding it

I SEE the wave pick up speed as soon as I was comfortable and my confidence too

I SEE the wave go faster and faster but I was not scared, the thrill was exciting

UNTIL, everything changed at an instant; the ocean disappeared and I am standing in front of an upright structure. It stands about twenty feet tall and in a silver metal colour

It was covered in symbols; I stood there looking at it wondering what they could be

I SEE at the top was a circle with five lines which are parallel inside the circle

I SEE underneath is a triangle but sticking out and inside it is a dark maroon circular precious stone; it is about one foot in diameter

I SEE under the triangle is a picture, an image engraved of a figure; I come closer and concentrate. I realise it is an image that looks a lot like Jesus and it is all in silver colour too

I SEE underneath is an image again carved out in silver which looks like the Magdalene

I SEE underneath that two diamonds but they are a rod but upright and circular too

I SEE this structure in the ground and being surrounding by trees; as I look around it is filled with trees and realise that I was on top of a mountain

I SEE that I was on the highest place of this tree filled forest looking down in a valley that is absolutely breathtaking

I SEE myself looking back at the statute and I notice it had changed

I SEE it was not silver but wooden colour now and the engravings were clearer then ever before and some how it was a lot wider too

The whole size of this wooden statue was about six feet wide and then noticed it was indeed the image of Jesus and the Magdalene

I SEE myself coming closer to touch and feel the images and I notice my hands were completely white, like milk. I look down at my body and realise that I was completely white and wearing a silk white tunic down to my ankles. It was embroidered with silk thread all over this silk tunic; my arms were filled with a darker but white thread and it was a heavier fabric then the body was

I SEE that the cuffs were filled with a single row of diamonds

I SEE myself looking at my hands and wondering if my face was white too; then my higher self whispered, “It is not”

I SEE myself looking at the statue and wondered why I was here and again noticed the statue was even wider then a minute ago. The engraving were more out then before and noticed that Jesus had a book in his hand

I wondered what the engraved book could be; it was now way I could find out it was only an engraving after all and not real

Then as soon as I finished with that thought the book fell out of his hand and into mine. It was real and leather bound

I SEE the title read “The Truth for the Seer in His Light”

I SEE everything fading away and the vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi


In The Vast Ocean of Consciousness, as The Original Blue~BE~ing of LIGHT,
You are riding the wave along that is Your Higher~SELF,
Through The Possibility of Your BE~Coming of The LIGHT that is YOU
along with Your Divine Counterpart in EQUILIBRIUM,
with the Vision set at paces of no specific acceleration,
and yet essentially of movement as the Inner Desire,
just moves on as you gain your poise and inner Balance, being ONE with it~

~ The Ocean is at first separate from YOU, as YOU looked from your Hue'MAN~Self and yet as the pace began to increase,
you became One with The Ocean and The Wave and your Higher~SELF,
as a Relevant Structure that your Higher SELF required that YOU encounter, which is of Feminine Significance, as expression of Manifestation,
in which the symbols appear of a Circle (representing Feminine - Hue’MAN and Divine) with 5 lines parallel within pointing to 5~Dimensions all encompassed within The Circle
of Primordial Origin of The Blue~BE~Ing that YOU Are ~
Parallel Lines never meet and yet always travel as Essentially EQUAL in Expression ~
Beyond this Reality of the 5, there is nothing that is numbered, as all is simply conceptual and not Linear ~
The 5 Parallel Lines also represent Earth with polar latitudes, tropical latitudes and Equatorial Line marked clearly,
followed by The Triangle (represented by Masculine - Hue’MAN and Divine) represented by 3 points, denoting the Catalyst Expression of LIFE in its manifestations throughout dimensions,
whose Core contains The Circle of all~Encompassing Primordial Essence in Maroon that denoted determination and decisive / dignified actions ~

~ The Prominent Silver Figure of The Grail~Master Yeshua and his Divine Flame Magdalene in Silver points to Feminine Expression of The DIVINE
in the realms of Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies that have chosen to manifest as Veiled Expression of Primordial Essence;
The TWO diamonds represent The Pillars of DUALITY beneath the UNIFIED GRAIL CONSCIOUSNESS that Yeshua and Magdalene holds together as ONE;
Through the SILVER states of Consciousness that relate to EQUILIBRIUM,
silver is respectable and courteous, dignified, self-controlled, responsible, patient, determined and organized -
it relates well to the corporate world and those in positions of responsibility, insight, wisdom, illumination, calming,
unbiased and compassionate with a mature sense of justice.
Silver illuminates and reflects the energy of other expressions which surround it.

~ The Zenith point of the Mountain is Your Highest View Point as The Compassionate ONE
for your own Hue'MAN~Self represented by the Breath~taking Valley in this Vision ~
The Change of colour in the Statue to Wood / Beige colour shows the energy~Signature has come down to expressions in the Hue'MAN Density;
The Colour White indicates Completion of Many Cycles, and contains an equal BALANCE of all the colours of the spectrum,
representing both the positive and negative aspects of all colours integrated as ONE.
Its basic feature is equality (of both Masculine & Feminine), implying fairness and impartiality, neutrality and independence.
Looking at The Robe of Purity, Equality & Unity that YOU wear, White is colour at its most complete, the colour of perfection.
White is the colour of new beginnings, wiping the slate clean, so to speak, which denotes to YOUR older slate of the PAST completely wiped out ~
It is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon by The New~YOU, Dear One~
White opens the way for the creation of anything your mind can conceive that YOU will put in use with the WISDOM of The High~Heart.

~ Most Significant TRUTH of LIGHT in this Vision is, in Your Being Given The BOOK of LIFE that YOU ARE back unto YOU,
and thusly 'The Master led, followed by Sheep' expression upon this Dimension is being released back unto The Light ~
For LIFE is the Book in which each ONE scripts / paints / portrays One's Own~LIGHT,
and as The Masters have always written their own Script Heartfully and Artfully,
YOU are being encouraged by Yeshua The Essene Master to be Your Own Director ~
and so YOU are BE~ing shown ~ _/\_