MSV009 - The Consciousness of The SEED of LIFE of CREATION

1 January 2014

The Consciousness of The SEED of LIFE of CREATION ~

I SEE a huge circle of light and inside this circle is multiple circles of different coloured lights; a circle with in thousands of circles

I SEE that I am looking into a seed of creation and it is so vast, it takes up all of my view

I SEE the seed of creation having multiple layers and is a very complex geometric pattern that I cannot comprehend and even describe; but I will try

The outer layer is purple in colour comprising of seven rings and each ring is a formula within a formulae; it has a unit of attribute from the universal consciousness. But these circles work in a balance to create balance for the journey ahead for the soul. It is complete and everything is provided to KNOW that journey.


The outer purple layer too has a single diamond, it looks similar to a Star of David but 3D; but this does not belong to David, it has a deeper meaning. The star is divided into twelve equilateral triangles to make one complete star.

Each triangle has a pink diamond and where all the triangles meet is a single hollow black hole. This symbolises infinity and beyond all dimensions

The outer purple layer also consists of a light that is dense and liquid too, which houses a consciousness that is PURE and UNPOLUTED, nothing can impregnate this layer; it remains in its purest form.

Swimming inside this is small particles of universes; this is all I know and my knowing is all that can comprehend

Inside the outer layer is another closer layer which is another shade of purple which is the consciousness most recognising the outer layer called the Crystal Consciousness

In this layer there are precisely one million consciousness making up the Crystal Consciousness; they we call Grail Consciousness and they are twin consciousness within

They are all connected yet separate to each other by a single ivory silk thread of light

Inside one of this consciousness as shown by a pink Octahedron lies a vast single Universe that I cannot comprehend as language becomes totally inadequate to explain; but is KNOWLEDGE through all dimensions and more. What ‘more’ is, I am not sure; it leaves me in total bewilderment

This Crystal Consciousness layer is a soup of God consciousness and a vast array of millions of criss cross creative formulae that connect to the outer layer. It is like a lattice a structure within a structure when broken down reveals more intricate geometric designs like quantum mechanical structures. The closest is to this description is the Six-Dimensional Boolean Lattice of Hexagrams; which houses universes within universes

I know this is complex but this is what my knowing from my spirit relaying the information to me

I SEE this Crystal Consciousness has having another source of energy besides the outer, which I will call the God Consciousness, is the Grail consciousness. They are energy providers to an entire universe; they are master builders of an entire single Universe; but how big this universe is, is not of our own perception of a single galaxy. But it goes into millions and millions is all I know

I SEE the next layer is Green or Jade and it is striking to look at; inside this circular layer is thousands of black diamonds swimming in a pool inside this circle. These diamonds are black holes signifying infinite knowledge and they are hidden from material consciousness and can only be accessed through a higher dimensional mind and understanding of light language

This Jade green layer is the High Heart crystal conscious layer called AKENE layer

And the black diamonds are the portals that lead to this layer; they serve as an entry and exit

The next layer is pink conscious layer and again very close to the Akene layer. This is the Divine feminine layer which is Wisdom and is called SOPHIA. This too is like a pool of light and inside are trillions of precious diamonds of all shades pertaining to INSIGHT or a KNOWING

These precious stones are all connected by a silver thread and amazingly do not get tied up by each other; so is the master organised structure it is housed in

The next several layers and beyond are the Chakric layers and they go into millions of circles within a circle and are infinite and very colourful too

This huge SEED that I am looking at has a hole and it is black. It is a portal to another dimension; the destination I have no idea but can only be accessed through death of the material body. It is then it can be viewed

I SEE the whole SEED circular structure revolve ever so slowly and in a rhythm too and it is constant. This is all my intellect could comprehend

I SEE my vision fading away and I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi



The Consciousness of The SEED of LIFE of CREATION ~

The Seed of Life is a symbol for the seven days of creation.
The first step was the creation of the Octahedron.
The next step was to spin the shape on its axes.
In this way a sphere is formed.
The Prime creator's consciousness exists within the Sphere,
and the only thing that really exists is the membrane of the sphere itself.

The next thing the creator's consciousness did was to go to the outside surface of the sphere,
(the Christian Scripture refers to this as the "the spirit of the Creator floating upon the face of the waters")
and creating another using the same process of creating an octahedron and turning it into a sphere.
By creating the second sphere The Primordial ONE actually created light.
In projecting another converted octahedron into a sphere on the surface of the first sphere,
One will get the image of two circles crossing each other in their centers,
a shape known as Vesica Pisces. This pattern is a geometrical formula
which represents the electromagnetic spectrum of light
and the first Creation of The PRIMORDIAL CONSCIOUSNESS is light
 - "Let there be light". It was WORDED...and so it became ~

~ The CIRCLE of Light being The PRIME SELF within which are many selves through dimensions, all encompassed by The Prime~Circle.

~  SEED of LIFE is the FIrst Desire of GOD Consciousness, manifested and in the manifesting...

~ ~  The SEED of LIFE being FIRST PASSION / DESIRE of GOD Consciousness in its Prime Longing to find itself of WHO IT IS, Danced and became aware of itself as ONE WHO desires to KNOW ONESELF as itself...
And it replicated itself to the SPACE and gave all of itself as Tool of Creation for the next CIRCLE / PRIME DESIRE PART to Create and re~Create itself....this Process of The Divine DANCE continued on...
to the next circles until all 6 circles, or Life Expressions were manifested around the CORE PRIME CONSCIOUSNESS....
~  Seven being the original Expression of Manifestation in the language of numbers, each layer / world / dimension in itself as manifested world has 7 inner layers / worlds / dimensions...
These are given complete consciousness and skills / attributes of The Universal Consciousness, which is CORE CONSCIOUSNESS of all of LIFE...

~  The Star of David consists of 12 equilateral triangles (6 around the outside, and 6 in the middle forming a hexagon);
Now, if you draw a circle within each of these triangles, the circumference of each circle is 1480 exactly.
A Star of David divides naturally into 12 equal parts. When a Star of David is drawn inside a circle of circumference 8880 representing Christ / Crystal Consciousness,
each of the 12 parts contains a circle of circumference 1480.
The Star of David represents the 12 tribes of Israel, and all expressions of the World in base~12;
Each of these parts manifests Christ only when the whole star is centred inside Christ-Consciousness (8880).
The 12 is also the DNA LAYERs, made up of outer 6 and inner 6, the 6 pointing to I AM CONSCIOUSNESS... The HIGHER~SELF ~

~ The Pink Diamond is Divine Feminine as Natural and Original Studding of Consciousness, with Hollow Black or UNKNOWN that is YET to be EXPLORED and MADE CONSCIOUS, to be at The CORE...

~ The PURE UNMANIFEST is always The CORE of all Manifestations.

~ The Outer LAYER it Primordial Consciousness, that encompasses all that it has ever danced unto and have manifested and is in the manifesting, becoming awake, aware of itself and thus CONSCIOUS LIGHT...
~ The PRIMORDIAL DANCED originally authentically as itself, with itself, within itself, through itself, so as to come upon WHO THE PRIME CONSCIOUSNESS is BEING...and how it is like BEING itself ~

~  IVORY stands of ELEGANCE, the thread of GRACE that stands out as DIVINE ATTRIBUTE of The Hue'MAN / Form in Manifestation.
IVORY also stands of WISDOM as AFFECTION...

~  PINK denotes The UNMANIFEST DIVINE FEMININE of The Integrated Masculine and Feminine of the Manifestation...
The Octahedron is a DIVINE LIGHT BODY, of the GRAIL TWINS when INTEGRATED...
~  GRAIL CONSCIOUSNESS generates itself and gives all of itself to all that is proceeding out of the Original Grail Consciousness and yet, not all Cnsciousness that proceeds from the GRAIL return to the GRAIL ~
~ The Green Jade Consciousness is of the High Heart Centre of BALANCE and PEACE. The Black Diamonds are states of Consciousness yet not revealed or explored or made LIGHT / Conscious by Light~Bearers of the Manifested world..
~ The SILVER thread is the DIVINE FEMININE that links all of LIFE, held by sacredly patterned geometry...
SILVER corresponds to TRUTH that binds and connects all without attachment...

~  when viewed from the Dimensionally Manifested world of forms, the CORE PORTAL is UNKNOWN as all of LIFE cannot be KNOWN to manifestations, as manifestations cannot contain all of UNMANIFESTED PURE PRIMORDIAL CONSCIOUSNESS, and yet these are explorable as manifestations in & through dimensions.... Through temporary entry/exit of LIGHT as SOUL in and out of forms that LIGHT animates, the CORE UNKNOWN is made KNOWN / CONSCIOUS.

and so I SEE ~ and so it is ~