MSV008 - The Diamond Consciousness Mind Awakens and Speaks

12 December 2013

The Diamond Consciousness Mind Awakens and Speaks

I SEE a cloud above my head; it is huge and takes over most of the sky. In this cloud I can see lights flashing; as I concentrate further I realise that they are lights bulbs flashing on and off

I SEE that I am puzzled, what bulbs are doing in a cloud; in my mind I tell the cloud consciousness to come lower so I could have a better look. Slowly the cloud descends and is only about ten feet above my head

I SEE myself having a detailed look and realise they were not bulbs at all, but precious stones of all colours; but there were many diamonds that were pulsating and giving off light. They must be the size of a basketball

I SEE myself walking along this cloud and my eyes up above; I stop to notice another stone, it was a bright blue sapphire, the same size and another behind it

I SEE myself walking all around and noticing many hundreds of precious stones all around the cloud and even deep inside too

As I walk to the middle of this cloud I realise a huge Jade green precious stone that was like shimmering lights. It had a sparkle that I have never seen before and next to this was the most beautiful purple stone. It was deep and beautifully faceted, showering thousands of faces of this stone

I SEE that both of them were about ten feet across at least; they were certainly the most biggest I have seen so far

I SEE all of a sudden the cloud become brighter and brighter; there was so much light mainly white all around me. I realise the whole cloud was giving off light everywhere

I SEE the lights were cloudy ad clear too, some intense and some less bright; as though there was system or generator that was giving off a sequence of brightness to mu surroundings

I SEE a part of a cloud descend and suddenly come into a form; I realise that he quickly turned into a diamond man, tall and strongly built

His eyes were mixture of jade green and purple and his face was kind

I SEE this diamond man speak;

“Dear soul I am your diamond consciousness that you have finally awakened.

The cloud above you is your spiritual mind and super consciousness. Each time when you sit and write it comes alive.

You are inspired my many conscious levels of all dimensions who are here at this time to guide and enrich the thirst of your KNOWING

Dear Soul continue the path of your ancestors who have spent many hours in your awakening and enrich the minds of others around you.

Your beacon of light is strong and the signal intensely bright

Your uniqueness is your kindness and there is humility that is the driving energy of LOVE

You are open and to explore this conscious dimension and find the insight into this diamond consciousness. Indeed there are many depths in this cloud for you to find and seek

I am YOU, your conscious thought and depth”

I SEE the diamond man smile and slowly it changed form and joined the cloud above

I SEE my mind as different and my clarity of my thinking was intense and as though I had become more intelligent then before

I SEE that a cloud or uncertainty had been lifted and I feel relieved
I SEE myself floating higher and higher but very slowly; as though a weight of my shoulders had been thrown away

I SEE myself joining this cloud and floating with it; I was ONE with this diamond consciousness and I could feel the energy of every stone of this cloud

I SEE myself smiling and began to think deeply and I could feel my mind stretching further and further

I SEE my vision fading away and I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi