MSV007 - The Heart in its Open Wisdom shares thy Secret

2 December 2013

The Heart in its Open Wisdom shares thy Secret

I SEE a flowing river, it must be at least twenty wide and the current moving very fast; I notice bright shining lights under the water and realise that they were pebbles giving off light

I SEE myself standing at the edge and watching the flow until all of a sudden the flow begins to slow down then stop; the water became calm and peaceful

I SEE the water having energy and I could see a glow of energy coming from the water

I SEE myself diving into this water; as soon as I do the scene begins to change completely; the water had gone and I realise I am in a cave

I SEE and feel the rocky ground underneath my feet; but in the distance I can see daylight

I SEE myself heading in this direction, wondering what was ahead of me; as I get closer and closer the ground becomes smoother, until I can feel grass

I SEE the end of the cave to see a massive open valley going down with enormous waterfalls and mountains. The sight was breathtaking and I was excited; I run and jump down and have a look, where I was

I SEE enormous leaves and gigantic flower heads all around. The trees had a different bark but same rugged look and they were wide, revealing a huge trunk

I SEE birds in the sky and they too were larger then the average and different variety too

I SEE in the distance a book that too is big; I head for the book crossing the flowerbeds on either side of me. I thought if I was in paradise, then this would be it

I SEE the book and it is open and I start reading the first page;

“Enter thy heart that is open

Enter thy will which is strong

Enter the Love which flows

Enter thy wisdom in abundance

Enter thy Openness and prosper

Enter thy Own~Self and SEE

Enter thy Will and KNOW

Enter thy steps in Faith

Enter Dear Soul Enter”

I SEE myself thinking and absorbing the message within the words; then I listened to my heart beat and stayed in a moment of silence

I SEE myself lost in the words and looked around to see the waterfalls which gave me so much peace

I SEE myself turning over the page and continued reading;

“The Heart that is Open Wills the Self into order and passion of the SELF; Look deeper and thy WILL will seek the distance in thy Inner depth

Look deeper and deeper and find the treasure of this Open heart

Thy answers lie with the depth of the openness and insight; so it is this silence”

I turn the next page and read;
“You know more then you think, as the Soul has depth and Insight; thy depth is open, we say again

So read thy Soul and read its depth and find the knowledge thy seek”

I SEE myself contemplating and thinking about my own inner quest and what I actually wanted to find or my own needs. Then I was instantly reminded that my sight was my gift; what I was seeing was a marvel and a treasure to me

I SEE myself turning the next page and read;

“Now sleep Dear Soul and enter thy hidden self

Witness the sight in its openness and forget NOT your heart that is witness to your SELF

Expand the conscious to its higher consciousness and expand further into light

The ether lies within YOU, giving way to a cell in microcosm; thy atom is small in sight, yet it is a universe in its expansive sight

NOW SEE further and SEE”

I SEE myself flying in the air; the scene had changed from the valley and waters where I was. I was flying so fast and witnessing space

I SEE the planets that I recognised, Mars, Saturn and its rings; I began to circle around them as my thoughts governed my steering

I SEE the moon and head for it, but soon I found myself back in the valley and in front of the book

I SEE myself looking around wondering what had happened; then the words reminded me where I had gone

I SEE myself turning the next page and reading;

“Thy LOVE is thy heart so LOVE deeply thy heart

Thy LOVE is the INNER so love deeply thy heart

Thy LOVE is YOU so love deeply thy heart

Thy LOVE is LIGHT so love deeply thy heart

Thy LOVE is all around so love deeply thy heart

Thy LOVE is the essence of nature so love deeply thy heart

Thy LOVE is the touch of humility and humbleness so love deeply thy heart

Thy LOVE KNOWS your heart and it indeed KNOWS YOU”

I turn over the next page and continue reading

“Thy Spirit is the access point to ethereal knowledge and wisdom of thy self; it was hidden and saved until an appointed time, governed by thyself.

When the Soul reaches maturity of the SELF, then it opens the key to thy wisdom. An immature soul would only harm what is not in thy KNOWING and be in ignorance; for that Soul will lack the insight and depth of understanding

Thy spirit holds the journey of thy SELF and it is thy journey that you tread each day and everyday”

I SEE the end of the book and I had read the last pages

I SEE three diamonds, red, turquoise blue and a violet all bearing my name

I SEE myself staring at there colour

I SEE everything around me fading away and I had finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi