MSV006 - The Divine Exchange of the Emotional SELF and the HEART

01 December 2013

The Divine Exchange of the Emotional SELF and the HEART

I SEE a cloud and it slowly disperses and moves away giving way to blue skies and a warm sun shining through

I SEE a bird fly across and then come over to me; it is huge as big as me and so colourful too

I SEE the bird across between a nightingale and a peacock; the wings must have been at least ten feet across. The beak is bright red and with specks of diamond on its side.

The eyes had so much love and kindness in them that attracted me to simply stare into them. The eyes were turquoise blue and the wings were similar to peacocks colours

The breast of the bird was a bright blue with a heart symbol in red in the centre

I SEE the bird slowly come over and began to speak;

“Hello Dear Soul I am your emotional body; you had forgotten me and now you have released me from my sanctuary.

Dear Soul, your awareness has brought me back to life and now I can fly and enjoy the fields. I can also drink the water of the spirit too

Dear Soul I thank you for releasing me and my heart is yours to keep.

I know it has not been easy, but your journey still continues through each paradigm.

The Sweetness of the Treasure of the Heart is beginning to flow like a full stream; running through all of the Bodies of your Inner self”

I SEE the bird bow down and smile; it began to flap its wings with all its strength. It was a beautiful sight and at that moment I too felt free

I SEE the bird flapping and a wave of energy blew into me; at that moment my eyes began to lit up and I could SEE

I SEE a bed of flowers and it is vast garden

I SEE thousands of flowers slowly opening and a little bird flies out from each one. Soon there were thousands of birds all flying out from the flowers

I SEE a bright light in the centre of the garden and a voice calls out to me to come closer

I SEE the light as the voice and I come right beside it; in the centre of the garden is a bubbling red pool of water and silver and gold coins inside.

The pool of water is about five ft in diameter and begins throughout the coins. I begin to laugh and start putting the coins into my pocket. But it gave out so many coins that I wondered if I had any space left in my pocket

I SEE the coins were getting bigger and bigger and soon the silver and gold coins had changed into red coloured coins. Yet my pockets were somehow holding all of these coins

I SEE myself being happy and elated that I have given so many treasures

I SEE after a while the coins stopping and there was a pause

I SEE there is a silence all around the garden the birds had all rested just around me; infact they all surrounded me watching and they were happy too

I SEE the pool still bubbling away and a single red diamond was thrown out of the pool. It was the size of my head and beautifully crafted and faceted

I SEE the red diamond bleed over me; but it was scented oil; and I began to rub it all over my face and hands
Soon the red diamond all melted away and it was all over me

 I SEE myself smelling like roses and a woman rises before me with a smile; she wore a pink long dress from head to toe and with red flowing hair

I SEE she has a white energy glowing face and she smiles and throws me a flower then another; I begin to catch them

I SEE the women come over and hug me and all of my Inner Self began to exchange

I SEE her energies become mine and mine becomes hers; then somehow all the energies began to mix above my head

I SEE that we have become one and I could feel her heart beat and she could feel mine

I SEE the flowers all around began to sing softly and the birds began to take off into the air

I SEE the vision began to fade and finish

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi


The turquoise blue set up is high heart or open heart energy

The blue bird is of blue origins and the blue breast of the peacock is of INTEGRITY

And means WELL poised BALANCE and the blue breast points to throat chakra/communications

And all kinds of honesty truth etc along the line

The red heart is Physical Organ heart and so, this is about Hue’MAN emotion in the heart in this dimensional expression from your inner heights

Then what the bird says is to giving its gratitude to you for allowing your heart to truly be undone from within

The red pool with silver and gold coin is your BLOOD/DNA/HUEMAN LIFE

With GOLD is SOUL GIFTS that are masculine and the SILVER is soul gifts that are feminine within you

which truly the Feminine you are with reflects as you began to collect the coins, the coins grew big, as it came to your nearness and it has expressed itself in big terms as you are now appreciating the contents of the heart to be shared

It is valuable, appreciated and expressed and hence it shows big

The birds always represent the free aspects within us of Joy and Happiness that we let out from a cage of our mind

And the red diamond is rare; it is representing your earthly expression again

The diamond meaning that which was held back as carbon is now diamond, it means deep and much more as your understanding expands

The woman represents your Inner FEMININE manifested as EARTH WOMAN, your other

The white energy about her is PURITY and it also means ETHEREAL and not this worldly yet in this world she is

As PINK shows her soft Motherly LOVE, of care and compassion and she has meld the white and red in her beingness of her masculine and feminine within too

 INNER SELF EXCHANGE happens only between ONE SOUL living in TWO BODIES

They integrate and exchange who they are and what they have gathered so far alone in their journey to the also means exchange of all sorts

Complete beingness

The integration that you see happening above your head is the pyramid / triangle energy of the two melding creating the third energy of togetherness, which never ceases to be

And so it is.....birds took away

(These birds are your Inner Selves attributes, and as you returned to your world, they flew back within you--- each time you re~enter they will be encountered by you ~
you are very much Pleiadian and hence these birds are your symbols)