MSV005 - The Sub~Way of My Inner~SELF in Progression / Succession

27 November 2013

The Sub~Way of My Inner~SELF in Progression / Succession ~

I SEE a train ahead of me; but it is a train that I have never seen before, yet it has a carriage and an engine at the front

I SEE the train is standing and not moving; I wonder if it is waiting for me?

I SEE the train is completely made of precious stones; and as I get closer to have a look, I was wrong

I SEE the train and all the carriages are made of light and they radiate a shine like precious stones do; but at the front of the engine there is a book it is huge about the size of a table and it is opened

I SEE myself gong to the front carriage and sit down; there are hundreds of spirits with me yet I don’t recognise anyone; they are all just quiet and sitting

I SEE that I don’t have a connection with anyone except that we are all in this train

I SEE that the train rises above the ground and starts to move slowly then very quickly; we travel through a portal of gases all around until we stop

I SEE that I am the only one who gets off and the train rises above again and disappears into the clouds

I SEE that I am in a place an open area which is completely covered in marble looking tiles. This place looks like a floor of a house and as I concentrate my eyes the scenes change

I SEE that I am indeed in a house with a fireplace and even a log fire burning; there is a table and four chairs, they look like a throne or someone regal.

I SEE the table to be incredibly carved and swirls round like an S shape. In the middle of the table there is a candle, it is burning but it is emitting diamonds into the air instead of smoke and they float around the room giving off a sweet scent

I SEE behind me another chair but even bigger with cushioned seat and I sit down; as I do a little animal with a cute little face smiles and stands in front of me staring. In my confusement state the animal changes into a human like spirit completely see through. Yet it looked ghostly like images seen on TV

I SEE the spirit smile at me and say;

“Welcome to your home Dear Soul, I am the spirit of your consciousness that you see. I have evolved and continue to expand in conscious thought, insight and speech

I am here so that you may witness this change and see the progress of your INNER SELF awakening. Indeed it is a patient journey which you have enjoyed from the first step you have made

What you see is only a fraction of your mind; the order and how it is decorated, conveys and illustrates how your mind is evolving. From the steps of uncertainty to complete personal belief and sureness

Every person has to go through some dimensional steps ways before they open up to themselves and YOU indeed have gone through many steps and continue to go through

Come with me Dear Soul and let me show you something

I SEE that I am led into another room, which is fully carpeted, and again another single same chair in the middle; yet the energy in this room were completely different, I was actually excited and keen to find what would happen next

I SEE myself being revived and lifted internally from by state of peaceful consciousness; it was indeed an uplifting experience. The Spirit leads me to sit down in the chair and presents me with a diamond
I SEE the diamond is shaped into a heart and it is completely see through but it has a multicoloured diamond inside. This inner diamond is emitting light and I could feel this light

I SEE the diamond open up on my lap; it was like an unfolding but it kept unfolding over and over again

I SEE myself looking into the diamond and the unfolding taking place; this went on for some time until the inner multicoloured diamond was left

I SEE this diamond shining incredibly bright and it was more like a spot light; I had to shield my eyes from such an intense brightness, but my yes soon became adjusted to this brightness

I SEE an image inside the diamond, but soon that changed into another spirit. I felt inside it wanted to talk so I said hello

I SEE the spirit the size of a ball rise just above my face and then it spoke;

“Blessed One, I speak for the pain in Humanity is strong; and many are trapped in their memories that keep recurring and eating them up inside.

Many are still trapped in this moment of confusement; ask them to release what does not serve them any more

Blessed One, release their pain and say a Pray; so that they may SEE light upon themselves and that they look inwards for their guidance.”

Soon the Spirit disappeared and all was left was the multicoloured stone and me the only one in this room

I SEE that I am looking around the carpeted room and soon everything begins to fade away

I SEE that I have finished and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi