MSV004 - The Waterfall of Divine Souls

23 November 2013

The Waterfall of Divine Souls

I SEE a white pole in the distance; it is very far away yet it rises above the ground and into the air; it reminds me of a pole vault in athletics on TV

I SEE it is huge in height and it goes forever

I SEE my path actually heading in that same direction and it is rises from my path

(Inside I realise that I am following my OWN inner guidance of my SELF)

I SEE my journey quickly come to a point near the massive pole; and yet in the distance it seemed it would take hrs for me to reach this very point

I SEE it is an illuminated revolving light and closely resembles a tube light, but intense in light

I SEE my the side a cave; but it is highly decorated with symbols and stones of every kind; accidently I go through this light and reach this cave

I SEE myself being illuminated and light is pouring all out of me and it was like being poured over by this light

I SEE myself quickly tolerating the light and it was rejuvenating and once again my body began to tingle all over. My hands was full of energy and I could feel the buzzing through them

I SEE my eyes quickly focusing on the cave which was in front of me

I SEE the entrance and there are nine symbols to the left and right and in between is a circle and triangle inside separating the symbols

The centre symbol is red, but looks like mother of pearl, as it shines exactly like this. The triangle inside is like a deeper red, closely but brighter then burgundy. On close inspection I realise they are flower crests all inside the triangle.
Each flower had exactly five petals all and completely inside this triangle. The flower centre was a brighter red with a single white dot of black in the centre and this was a very dark navy blue; not black which I originally thought

The nine symbols were same on the left but different on the right yet identical

I SEE my third eye bursting with life and energy as I inspect what the symbols are

The left symbols as I come closer and adjust my eyes to them are all an opaque shaped or irregular would be better to describe them. But they had symmetry and order in that irregular shape ness

The nine shapes had a centre and that was a book, but each centre was a different book. As I focused closely the book opened to reveal a single scroll parched paper. I released the language, it was light.

Light too is a language and the words slowly became brighter and evaporated revealing just a parched empty blank paper. I knew inside that I had opened all nine of these books and soon this light was within me

I SEE myself focusing on all nine centres and books; and one by one they opened and the words evaporated and disappeared into the space around me

I SEE myself looking to my right and

I SEE square symbols and all identical in size and again a centre. They all had a flower and this flower was pinkish and closely resembled a flower I have seen in my time. There were hundreds of smaller petals making this flower

I SEE all of them being the same and yet the colours of the square were all incredibly decorated in mother of pearl

I SEE myself looking at the entire entrance and it was breathtaking to see

I SEE myself going in and realise I was walking on petals of roses and I was fully clothed in white tunic that was glowing with light

I SEE the rose petal path led me deeper inside this cave leading to a small waterfall of milky colour

I SEE inside the pool of water which caught my attention, thousands of brightly coloured sea shells of all shapes and sizes

I SEE myself reaching into the pool of water and getting one out. It was bright red with a coral texture but it again had that mother of pearl look about it. It was elongated like a cone and a hidden centre too

This centre as I look revealed another life form. It was like a baby yet not a baby and it began to crawl out of this shell

It was no bigger then my first finger and its head were covered with a shawl of white. The shawl was a bright white and decorated finely and with the most incredible detail that I have ever seen. This ‘baby’ had a white face too; in fact it was all white

The feet was covered in this same shawl, again same embroidery fastened with a silk thread that too was white

The baby was not a baby but closely resembled human, I was not sure, and it was confusing to make an accurate description

I SEE my higher consciousness soon take over and give me insight into what was happening

I was witnessing the birth of a Soul from the waterfall of the command of the Creator. This revelation was done in the intensity of the light that I could manage to bear

All the symbols and opening had opened and given me strength to WITNESS such an event; otherwise I would have burnt up instantly

I SEE myself cradling this little tiny baby and realise the navel area had a fine silver cord that was nearly invisible. This chord was connected to the waterfall

I SEE inside the pool and realise that all the shells had a very fine silver chord going upwards and into the very same waterfall

I SEE my hands being all silvery and the waterfall was not milky after all, but was a silk watery but white colour

I SEE the baby go back into the shell and I place it very carefully back into the pool

I SEE my vision fading away and I had finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi