MSV003 - Awakened and Elevating The Hue'MAN I AM unto My DIVINE

23 November 2013

Awakened and Elevating The Hue'MAN I AM unto My DIVINE ~

I SEE whirl of light flash in front of me in the sky; it is very sparkly and it is moving fast too

I SEE this light expand slowly then it soon fills my whole sight; it is so bright and glitters too

I SEE it has a rhythm and even a pulse as it continues to move elegantly around the sky

I SEE my own clothes lit up from its brightness; then slowly part of the light comes down in front of me and began to form shape

I SEE the transformation taking place; first into a long pillar of light then into a illuminate person

I SEE a face being formed but it is all light that I see; and it began to speak;

“I am the illuminated One; born from the light that is in your Heart. I am the Voice, spirit and complete light from this Illuminated light.

The brightness that you SEE is your own brightness and clarity of your heart, which continues to OPEN in your own journey in full AWAKENING.

I am here as you have summoned ME, from your higher conscious spirit that lies within the soul and spirit; which is housed in your heart

I am your KEY, and INITIATOR and GUIDE to complete your spiritual journey through all the realms of existence.

This is the first time that this OPENING, in such depth you have gone through, that I reveal myself to YOU, Dear Soul. There is no deeper chasm then I. I am the Light of the heart in the microscopic cell that resides

YES, I am the first spark and COMMAND from the CREATOR of life and all forms of existence
I am the first BIRTH of that SOUL that the Creator FORMED

Dear Soul let me illuminate YOU now”

I SEE myself listening intently and being mesmerized by the light sparkly illuminated body I was talking to

I SEE this illuminate one, (decide to call this form), come closer; and in each step it came my clothes began to glow even more; somehow I was fixed into looking at the illuminated eyes that was shining into mine

I SEE myself being quiet and focusing on its words as I listened;

“I am YOUR divine Spark from the Origin and BIRTH of YOU; I have come to SHINE my WISDOM and open the KEYS to your HEART

You will FEEL, KNOW and INSIGHT deeply then ever before as your higher conscious depth begins to expand and be lost in this vast KNOWLEDGE of the UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES.

Your focus is your OWN, and it continues to expand and its WILLINGNESS to KNOW its origins begins to expand too

I am YOU

And this YOU, you SEE is the spark of the CREATORS light in its most refined purest state, I speak these words so that you may understand in your language

As I speak these words are heavily coded and they will start a chain of continued reactions in your heart to continue on with your journey

Dear Soul let me embrace OUR first meeting”

I SEE each other embracing and I begin to cry and sob openly, as I had found a deeper aspect of ME that needed to be found. WE held each other and I could feel the strength in the illuminated ones arms gripping my body
I SEE myself being illuminated too and I could feel we had become the same light body

I SEE that I was that illuminated one too and I could see from his eyes and I saw ME

I SEE in our embrace we began to dissolve into ONE body and soon there was me only standing

I SEE my whole body tingling and every cell began to wake up and LOOK at the inner aspect of MY SELF; as though they did not know who they wore. AND these cells began to LOOK and learn at incredibly fast and realised who I WAS and what my name and identity too

I SEE all my cells WAKE UP and finding there HOME in ME; they all KNEW what happened and all began to give thanks, which I had at last fully AWAKENED

I SEE myself being incredibly relieved and thank full that I had finally fully AWAKENED from my ignorance in life and being lost in the material deception that continues from this day

I SEE myself taller but humble and wiser too; my insight and depth had finally come to my opening and I could feel a significant change in ME

I SEE my head tingling and even giving me pain, but soon there was no resistance as the corrupted cells of my body gave into this light and soon my whole body and cells was the same sparkly light of the illuminated heart body that I am NOW

I SEE myself KNOWING, that my journey has come to another chapter of my Soul and I would finally experience that level of LOVE, that I always SEEKED within the chasms of my depthness. This had finally awakened in me

I SEE myself finally looking all around the sky and I continued to witness the sparkles and whirls of light; knowing what I saw was ME.

This ME was the highest inner depthness of my SELF

I SEE the scenes fading away and a smile and thankfulness filling my body as I go down to my knees to give thanks for the CREATOR for opening ME UP. For being patient when others ridiculed me as nothing

I SEE that I have finished and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi