MSV002 - The Purple Expansiveness of Heart Awakening

22 November 2013

The Purple Expansiveness of Heart Awakening

I SEE a huge Crystal Ball floating; it is the size of a house, a big one; In its reflection I can see myself

I SEE also a sparkle of light in its centre; it is small but very visible. It reminds me of a silver fireworks going off; as there are sparkles coming out just like that

I SEE myself thinking it is such a small light centre yet this light has given light to all of its surrounding. As I look around I could see the light shining everywhere. Yes, it was like a bulb

I SEE this Crystal ball is not a Crystal ball at all; but I was looking into my INNER SELF and the LIGHT centre was my Wisdom, Spiritual Awareness being spread all around the world

I SEE a path being made in front of me and the scenes begin to change; there is no ball anymore but a path for me to journey through, as always

I SEE myself walking along, and I realise I am wearing a purple stoned garment from head to toe. It is made from every kind of purple stone and different shade too

I SEE myself walking and touching my shirt and it indeed felt like I was wearing a piece of rock; yet it had no weight.

(This is a protection garment to help me on my journey; and also protect me from the intensity of the dimensional realm I was travelling)

I SEE myself touching my head and I was wearing a stone mail; like the medieval times of chain mail they wore to protect the head from injuries. But this time it is made of purple stones interlaced like a mail link

I SEE after a while a frozen lake in front of me; I was upset by this sight, I wondered how such a place would have a cold and frozen place

I SEE myself coming closer to this lake, which expanded to become an ocean as I got nearer and nearer

(This is the result of my vision increasing in depth and most of all awareness)

I SEE that I am standing by the edge of the frozen ocean; then almost immediately it started to melt in front of me; I had a sudden desire to stand in this ocean.

The desire increased so much inside that my mind was telling me to go ahead; yet the logic was it would be freezing and I would certainly be shivering.

I SEE myself deciding, no matter, I would go in and I do

I SEE the water instantly changing and all my garment suddenly fell away and into the ocean

I SEE it being part of the ocean and the frozen ocean was now the most beautiful look anybody could see; As if I had given life to this frozen place and it became totally revitalised.

I was so happy

I SEE a huge wave come to me and some how it changed into a person; as it continued to change it became a woman made of water. This water woman had purple eyes and the ocean too was all purple

I SEE her warm smile and she embraces me tightly and says softly;

“Thank you Dear Soul, you have set me free”

(In that instant I realised this was my feminine part of my heart that I had realised)

I SEE her hold me tight and in that embrace I was being revived to like the water

I SEE the water begin to flow and light became visible everywhere I looked

I SEE the water women release me and I could still feel her embrace; as I watch her slowly become part of the ocean

I SEE myself watching and absorbing the peacefulness and yet the excitement of the ocean all around me; and at the same time being thankful to witness such a sight

I SEE myself not wanting to go and just to stay and be part of this ocean; in this thought

I SEE a lights exploding out of the lake at great speed in all directions and they went so far; as though they had a journey to go to. There were thousands of these lights in all directions

I SEE the light was spreading all around me; wow I thought

I SEE the scenes fading away and I had finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi


The Purple Expansiveness is a State of Consciousness where all of the variances of spectrum are in mergence... this is the highest point of LIGHT of the HueMan Perception available as well...

Heart truly awakens in this Expanse.....
The Crystal BALL floating is your CHRISTED Consciousness that YOU SEE, the size of a HOUSE, pointing to that which you are 'housed' in...

The silver fireworks point to The FEMININE Divine that is connecting to the physical the silver cord...

The Crystal Ball is indeed your CHRISTED~SELF in Radiance, giving out LIGHT everywhere...

The Purple Stones are is Quartz that is the expression it chose, as Purple....

Amethyst opens psychic centres to help ONE SEE clearly...

Piety, humility, sincerity and wisdom are what the robe you wear represent that is amethyst studded!

Amethyst robe also points to a further clearing in the physical body of the psychic centres of all old debris of held up and held back past traumas, we all pass through....

Amethyst protects from astral it keeps sober mind and steady flow of consciousness in the keeper, wearer....: from a distance what may seem frozen is not so, is what amethyst SIGHT was showing YOU

Yes, this frozen ocean is of great significance, as it was frozen even while being vast itself, as YOU, the Director was not present, you the Hue'MAN was not activating the LIFE it is....

This means, that ‘Your’ Body as temple is where GOD experiences GODSELF as DIVINE and yet it is only possible when you engage YOU the Hue'MAN to need to take that dip in the consciousness

Thusly participate and the ocean that is frozen comes ALIVE....

The DIVINE FEMININE in YOU is this WOMAN..... You have engaged you into that Ocean which frees her to be in YOU in balance
The thousand Lights radiating in all directions is your body coming alive to the state of consciousness you dipped yourself into...

And so it is....and so I SEE ~