EA037 - My DNA - The Dissipation of The Old & The Recalibration of The NEW

08 June 2014

* ~ My DNA - The Dissipation of The Old & The Recalibration of The NEW ~

INSIDE of me I SEE six spheres about three feet in diameter in front of me. Another seventh sphere is three feet away and the same size

I knew instantly this was something to do with my chakras

INSIDE of me I SEE the spheres are all a marble appearance but white; it is like a sparkle white or even a pure white

INSIDE of me I SEE these spheres flash tiny lights on and off, like diamonds shining light on them

The seventh is more whiter and brighter then the other sixth; this is because I am using it right now; this is my third eye

INSIDE of me I SEE I walk closer to all of these spheres and suddenly they all disappear and the scene changes

To my surprise I am in a desert and there is nothing all around but sand; there are huge sand dunes, like mountains all around me

 Begin to walk and it is heavy going as repeatedly my feet sink a couple of inches and I have to pull them out

INSIDE of me I SEE myself stopping and thinking, what is the point of walking around when I do not have any direction; I decide instead to sit down and YES admire where I was

INSIDE of me I SEE sitting and generally looking at the texture of the sand and size of the grains


To my surprise a flower sprouted up, it was a yellow flow about two feet high with a long thin stem; then another and another but in different colours

INSIDE of me I SEE I realised wherever I looked flowers began to sprout from the sand; this was happening so quickly that all around me were flowers

INSIDE of me I SEE after a while I am surrounded with flowers all of the same size, but different varieties

I move forward shuffling on the sand to pick a red flower; it closely resembled a rose and was similar to one I have in my back garden; As I pick it up my hands began to tingle and then all the flowers began to shiver as though an energy had been transferred or a connection had been made

INSIDE of me I SEE that I was right to assume that; as all the flowers around me were somehow connected with my energy and this was the initial SWITCH ON of this process

INSIDE of me I SEE that my insight was informing me, that these flowers were my cells and DNA; they had just switched on and are connected to my frequency of my THOUGHT and higher conscious thoughts too

INSIDE of me I SEE began to look everywhere and wherever I looked there were flowers

The desert had been covered with flowers , it brought a smile and warmth in my heart to see all of this; and to know that all this was actually my DNA switching on to my higher aspect of my~SELF

INSIDE of me I SEE everything fading away and my vision too

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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