EA036 - The Activation of My Kundalini Energy through Etheric Body

01 June 2014

~ *The Activation of My Kundalini Energy through Etheric Body * ~

INSIDE of me I SEE a bridge and across it is a waterfall, which falls over the bridge like a shower curtain

INSIDE of me I SEE the handrails are covered with a winding vine that goes through the other side. This vineyard has green diamonds as flowers

INSIDE of me I SEE myself walking across until I stop at the curtain of water; as I concentrate further I realise it is made of pure refined light. The water looked like pearl drops falling mixed with diamond crystals

INSIDE of me I SEE the water fall down onto this bridge and raise my right hand to catch some of it. It was like holding a moisturizer and it was cool to the touch too. I decide to walk straight through and bathe in this shower

As I do I become complete covered in this light water and my mind quickly wakes up and I begin to feel differently and cleansed too

INSIDE of me I SEE myself continuing to walk through but the shower of light kept falling on me, which I did not mind as it made me feel revitalized.
I am not sure how long I kept walking but it was for a while until everything had stopped

As I looked at my clothes they were filled with green diamonds exactly like the vines flowers I saw on the bridge

INSIDE of me I SEE immediately a cloud and I seen this before as it was a transporter. I decide to hop on

As I sat down the cloud climbed upwards into the purple sky and I realise the green flowers were a type of protection for my body to wear I was about to go

INSIDE of me I SEE my green diamond covering soon turned to white; as we climbed even higher it then turned crystal clear like diamonds

After a while this quickly turned into turquoise blue and further upwards it turned purple.

I realised at that moment that I was journeying through my Chakra energy and there layers of consciousness

INSIDE of me I SEE that my clothes were finally purple and the cloud stopped in the middle of the sky

I wondered why it was hovering as there was nothing around I see a ledge and a cave. I decide to get off and as I do my clothes turned platinum gold and I could feel energy rushing through my body.

This was sudden awakening of energy was also waking up my cells in this journey

INSIDE of me I SEE the ledge is made of gold and silver; it is heavily decorated with swirly patterns and symbols. Some of these looked like the Tree of Life and others were shields, emblems and discs

All of these patterns were covered all over this ledge

INSIDE of me I SEE myself going through the cave and into the other side. Immediately I see a man making flat bread on hot rocks. He had not seen me, so I watched from a distance

This man was wearing a white tunic to his ankles and was crouched down and partly sitting on a rock. Next to him was a wood fire made from sticks and another rock very close to him where he had placed his flat bread

INSIDE of me I SEE this man get another dough and start working with the dough in his hands. He then stretched it and placed it next to the other flat bread

They looked like Naan bread

INSIDE of me I SEE myself walking closer to him when suddenly the scene changes

I was in an open green and grassy area with a rock embankment on the right, the same man was still there sitting on a rock and still tending to his Naan bread

INSIDE of me I SEE the man stand up and walk towards me. I notice he had purple eyes and a purple necklace round his neck. He wore a white tunic but it was heavily embroidered with silk thread, like what a King would wear

He wore three rings around his right fingers and they were blue, green and purple precious stones

His face was lined and cloudy, I realise immediately that this was a Etheric light body

He smiled and embraces me and led me towards the fire

INSIDE of me I SEE him say softly;

“It is time for you to eat; I was expecting you for some time. Sit next to me on this rock”

INSIDE of me I SEE myself sitting down and said thank you for his greetings and his kind words too

“This is no ordinary food; it is especially for you to wake up your journeys beyond the dimensional realms as you so wish to experience. Your soul has wanted this experience further in the higher realms and this will ensure that your goals will be reached”

INSIDE of me I SEE the man gave me the bread from the rock and broke it in too. He gave me one part and he began eating the other.

The bread was savory and sweet at the same time and it had something which I had never had. Words became meaningless and describing it in detail would give it an injustice. But it tasted great

I munched it down quickly and watched him pick up the other Naan and give it to me whole.

I found myself being hungry and somehow my appetite had increased tenfold

INSIDE of me I SEE I finish the second Naan and he smiled, watching me approvingly

When I finished, I felt a relief from my stomach to have experienced pure food for the first time. As though my stomach was saying, thank you

INSIDE of me I SEE the man take off his purple necklace and put it around me. He then carefully stood me up and took his eyes out and places it firmly in my eyes

He then took his tunic off and put it on me, it was a perfect fit

The man was had no clothes on BUT he was made of pure cloudy light, this was his Etheric light body

He then pointed to the fire and it was burning brightly and intensely; he then spoke;

“He said, this fire is your Kundalini energy, see how intensely and brightly it burns; It is alive and YES awake to your consciousness”

INSIDE of me I SEE the man embrace me again warmly; at that moment I asked him who he was, he replied;

“Dear Soul I am your inner Etheric body that travels with you in all of your journeys.

I AM YOU and your purest and refined state”

INSIDE of me I SEE everything fading away and my vision too

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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