EA035 - My Witnessing of my Pituitary Attunement

31 May 2014

~ * My Witnessing of my Pituitary Attunement * ~

INSIDE of me I SEE a golden figure of “8” burning slowly and brightly in front of me; I am confused and wondering why it is burning

INSIDE of me I SEE it is about twelve feet above the ground and the same height too.

As I look around there is complete darkness and it is only the light of the flames that I can actually see at all

INSIDE of me I SEE it burn faster and it is now red and fiery


I realise what this figure meant to be; it is the bridge between my pituitary gland and top of my nose; it’s amazing how I knew. My wise higher consciousness told me this

INSIDE of me I SEE the scene changing, the figure “8” vanishes and I am now looking at a blue, then purple and then blue changing sky.

The sky was a growing and forming all the time, I felt; it was like it was expanding and the reason why the sky was changing its colours. The sky was never one colour but shades of blue and purple

INSIDE of me I SEE that this meant to be my higher conscious thought and the colours was the manifestation of these thoughts into colour and light

It was amazing to see the colours originate from thin air and change and spread across the sky


INSIDE of me I SEE a single point where all the light came from; it was a cloud completely clear and just about visible; in a split second colours came out and then it spread into different colours to the next cloud and then spread across very quickly

I know WHY

This was my higher intuitive thought, the birth and then the insightful thinking shown by the spread of the colours of light through the sky

Somehow it made sense

INSIDE of me I SEE everything fading away and my vision too

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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