EA034 - INSIDE of me I SEE a Golden Sun representing my GOD

30 May 2014

INSIDE of me I SEE a Golden Sun representing my GOD~ consciousness; it is in front of me and shining brightly

It light is over and shining every part of this valley and hills and afar

INSIDE of me I SEE it this light from the SUN giving life to the plants and even making the soil more fertile

I begin to walk down to this valley and see the grass so healthy and strong; even the bushes and trees have a sparkle of living about them

INSIDE of me I SEE their energy inside my body and they are all happy, which makes me happy too

As I walk along I can feel my energies anchoring all around and the plants begin to shiver happily as though they KNOW my presence


INSIDE of me I SEE the plants sway like one wave in a breeze that suddenly came from the right

Even the bushes, grass and trees all moved in one rhythm

INSIDE of me I SEE and KNOW that they connected to my internal frequency and they were now moving together as ONE connection

INSIDE of me I SEE and stood the slowly wave and movements all around me


The plants begin to explode slowly into light, then the grass, bushes and finally the trees too

INSIDE of me I SEE that my anchoring had them become AWARE that they are all made of light and KNOW where they came from

This sudden explosion was the final remembering of mankind

INSIDE of me I SEE and KNOW that mankind will finally begin to find their own path and will with passion begin to LEARN, KNOW and REMEMBER

I sat down watched everything slowly explode into light

INSIDE of me I SEE the light gather upwards to make a circle in the sky; it then began to rotate clockwise

This circle was all light and it looked like a cloud of thick gases and about hundreds of feet in diameter too

The valley too was made of this same light and colour

INSIDE of me I SEE myself slowly falling asleep and then connecting with Gaea

I felt at peace and slowly began to wake up from my vision

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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