EA033 - Upon The Mountain of My WILL and Inner~DESIRE

29 May 2014

~ * Upon The Mountain of My WILL and Inner~DESIRE * ~

INSIDE of me I SEE I am standing and looking at a circular disc about nine feet tall and in diameter too

As I concentrate and adjust I can only see its whiteness and I cannot make out anything else

INSIDE of me I SEE and keep looking at this white disc but its light prevents me from seeing anything else; I thought perhaps this was only part of the vision, so I decide to look around

INSIDE of me I SEE a green mountain in the distance but it very far away and wondered how I would get there

THEN the disc dropped to the ground and hovered about a foot above it; I then realised this was a transporter so I got on and sat down

It immediately began to move and head for the green mountain; it was going at a steady speed

My eyes were fixed on this green mountain ahead and was still quite a distance away

After a while

INSIDE of me I SEE the green mountain, it is huge and towers thousands of meters above me, perhaps it goes for miles too

The disc gently dropped me off at the base of the mountains and then sped off from the same direction as I came

INSIDE of me I SEE the mountain and it was indeed huge across and the height too. Incredibly it was totally green; there was no moss or little plants whatsoever.

The mountain was like a shiny green rock with little specks of black, blue and red flecks.
I looked above and side to side wondering what this mountain represented then a strange desire came to me to climb this mountain. Even though it could be even a mile or two high, I still started to climb

INSIDE of me I SEE the climb to be quite easy and I am jumping up and across and cover the distance very quickly. Surprisingly I am not tired at all and continue to climb upwards.

The rock is easy to hold onto and have plenty of ledges for the feet to propel myself forward

After a while I realise that what I was climbing was not a mountain at all, but it was my WILL and inner DESIRE; somehow everything began to make sense what the meaning of this vision was;

The mountain represented my life in the material world and it’s going on. By me climbing so easily it represented my inner courage, stamina and determination to succeed.

INSIDE of me I SEE I still kept on climbing and wondered what I would find at the summit

After some time I did indeed reach the summit and as I climbed the very last ledges, I saw a person standing

INSIDE of me I SEE and went closer and realised it was ME

Everything began to fade and my vision too

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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