EA030 - My Encounter & Integration with My Platinum~Ray~Consciousness

28 May 2014

~ * My Encounter & Integration with My Platinum~Ray~Consciousness * ~

INSIDE of me I SEE a sea of darkness except a circular floor made of marble which I am standing on

INSIDE of me I SEE and concentrate further that I realise the floor is a mixture of diamonds and marble; that is the close resemblance of earth anyway

Then I realise it is actually mother of pearl appearance but more white; in fact whiter then white, if that is possible. It has a shine that I can see the marble effects and spirals on the surface together with different shades of white

INSIDE of me I SEE my insight informing me it is exactly 96 metres in diameter and this had something to do with my DNA

As I sat down the floor suddenly became liquidy but dense, a mixture between plasticine and water consistency

INSIDE of me I SEE that I do not go through the floor but it just supported me quite easily

INSIDE of me I SEE that I needed to lie down and rest my eyes; as soon as I do this I become blank and even blind; all around me was darkness and their was no light or anything

BUT I remained firm to myself and resisted the temptation of opening my eyes again; somehow my higher spiritual awareness was giving me reassurance to keep my eyes closed, which I did


A few minutes went by and my body began to shake slowly; it was like when the body becomes starving of oxygen and the body reacts. This shaking went on for a few minutes and still I was in a zone of darkness and nothing

INSIDE of me I SEE a white leaf exactly like the mother of pearl floor float towards me; surprisingly it had the number 128 and at the back it had 256

I wondered what they meant but soon realised that they were DNA strands that were opening inside of ME

This leaf was the size of my head and it was so brightly white and magnificent too

INSIDE of me I SEE that the shaking had stopped and around me was still nothing but this leaf which was NOW getting larger and larger, in a background of darkness

I noticed the leaf reminded me of a sycamore tree, but it was now the size of me and a lot bigger

INSIDE of me I SEE the leaf stopped moving and was now rested in its space in the air; it was curled up a little, like the autumn leaves when they fall on the ground


INSIDE of me I SEE a single pearl rise from this leaf and it had another number on it; it read 1012 and the other side 2024

INSIDE of me I SEE it start spinning slowly at first then it just became so fast that it looked like it was not spinning at all

Then the most incredible thing happened, a space portal window opened; it was vast, about the size of a house

The space portal window was “n” shaped and blue with stars flickering on and off in the distance

INSIDE of me I SEE a person made of light come out of this portal; there was no gender which I could make out. This light being was also white and there were different shades of white to make out a complete face and body
This light being was about my height and muscular too; His body looked like a complete athlete

INSIDE of me I SEE and realised that this was my very own light body and I smiled and it too smiled back

Then this light body of my~SELF reached out and touched me; I then instantly became light

INSIDE of me I SEE the light body and my~SELF become one and I was this LIGHT~BODY filled with Divine appellations and symbols all around

INSIDE of me I SEE millions of numbers all around me coming on and off and they were all huge numbers too; it was difficult to read and focus, but managed to remember just one, 100640

I knew not what this meant

INSIDE of me I SEE the portal close and leaving behind the white leave that now covered me like a cape on my shoulders

INSIDE of me I SEE that I was still this LIGHT~BODY with a majestic mother of pearl and shaped like a leaf, which is rested on my shoulders like a knights cape

I THEN open my eyes and come back to a white mother of pearl floor as before


INSIDE of me I SEE everything began to fade away and my vision too

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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