EA029 - UNION with my HIGHER SELF through all four worlds/ selves/ bodies

26 May 2014

 ~ * UNION with my HIGHER SELF through all four worlds/ selves/ bodies * ~

INSIDE of me I SEE that I am standing on top of a mountain looking across an ocean below and beyond for thousands of miles

Surprisingly I could SEE this far

INSIDE of me I SEE that I could look further then ever before and KNOW how far I was looking too

Suddenly my SIGHT could see a fish jumping out of the water and this was exactly three hundred and twenty feet away

Somehow I KNOW and this had awakened in MY hidden consciousness

INSIDE of me I SEE the mountain represented the elevated SOUL that I had become and the scenes of the ocean was an example for ME to understand and the depth of KNOWING that had just opened

I was SEE~ING and having a lesson from my spiritual SELF to make me understand using material concepts using my material sight as examples


INSIDE of me I SEE a bird flying in the distant, exactly five hundred and sixty nine feet away; as I concentrated further I saw it was the golden phoenix from early visions

It was amazing that my sight had picked it up so far away; as though it was significant for me to KNOW

I began looking directly at the bird and soon it released and began to look in my direction. There was a stare and soon the face of the bird changed into an “I know who you are” face.

INSIDE of me I SEE the bird accelerated towards me and both are eyes were fixed onto each other

There was still miles and miles to cover but the bird was eating up the distance so quickly

And THEN it had arrived

INSIDE of me I SEE the bird circling over my head and I finally saw the detail of this majestic bird

It was heavily laden with feathers and had a huge wing; each wing was the size of me perhaps even more. But it was the richness of the golden colour that made me shock in awe

INSIDE of me I SEE the eyes were green and a little red in the middle. The feathers all golden and was like the feathers of a peacock but golden.

It looked heavy but it flight showed the strength of this bird and the quickness it moved around the sky, showing clearly its strength

INSIDE of me I SEE diamonds raining from the sky and it was coming from its feathers. It soon quickly covered the mountain tops like hailstones covering the ground

INSIDE of me I SEE the bird swoop down to land close and in front of me

INSIDE of me I SEE the bird slowly shuffle forwards and embraced me; at that immediate moment my sight had changed


I could see that I was walking along a path laden with flowers that were all yellow. There were all the same flower and had four petals

As I continued to walk over these flowers, I noticed I was not crushing them by walking; instead they came alive and began to shine light

They looked like stars looking from a dark night and into the distance; and each Patel was that sky and the stars was the light
INSIDE of me I SEE the path was a circular path and all I was doing was repeatedly walking around this yellow flowery path


INSIDE of me I SEE this inner part of this circle was filled with yellow water and it reminded me of milk, such was the consistency of its appearance

I stopped walking and saw that I had made all the flowers reflect its energies outwards from it petals

INSIDE of me I SEE and KNEW that my chakra had awakened and this was a sign to show me all of this.

The yellow water was my chakra and it began to flow outwards flooding the path

INSIDE of me I SEE the flowers floating on the surface and it helped happy to do so

I too began to float too, I laughed from the excitement

Then slowly everything began to fade away and I was back in the embrace of my golden phoenix; and it slowly let me loose

INSIDE of me I SEE it the kind eyes looking at me and it beautiful feathers looking like a bride on its wedding day

INSIDE of me I SEE everything began to fade away and my vision too

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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