26 May 2014


INSIDE of me I SEE a Golden Sun representing my divine consciousness; I can feel the warmth from its sun rays touching my face and instantly I smile

INSIDE of me I SEE nothing but this Sun at is huge, the size of a planet and it took over everything around me.

I can feel my whole body being radiated and energised. A tingling sensation rushes through my body; I knew then it was my cells awakening


I slowly I can see the Sun slowly changing its colour from golden to more of a Buddha orange. At the same time I could see shooting stars coming out of the sun.

INSIDE of me I SEE this represented a change of immediate consciousness and an emission of old energies that had to rid to accept the knew awakening at this time

INSIDE of me I SEE an instinct of knowing became apparent and as I stood in presence of this Buddha Orange Sun I began to understand. A switch had opened in my mind and I began to reflect deeply of MY~SELF

   I felt inside that I had to move on from my static old ways which had clearly left me stagnant and accept the NEW me to use in this awakening of the Mother Earth consciousness at the same time

INSIDE of me I SEE I stood and searched deeper and deeper going through the remembering of MY~SELF

As I looked into my heart, I saw purple rainbow surrounded by flowers that were purple too, but different and mixed shades. This was my Divine Knowing that I had become aware off in the last several months

INSIDE of me I SEE that I was awakening to my inner truths that would serve ME in my journey in this TIME LINE and its new energies

INSIDE of me I SEE that my HEART suddenly began to grow and grow, until it took over my whole body; as though the rest of my organs were all swallowed up by my heart

I began to understand why;

It was my heart that I was following and my spiritual KNOWING

INSIDE of me I SEE I also knew the path that I was on was MY OWN and I had found it;

I knew that my REMEMBERING will continue beyond infinity as knowledge had no bounds and was completely endless and I was that person who wanted to KNOW and know more


All of a sudden a bell wrang straight through my ears. I woke up from my inner thinking and looked around

INSIDE of me I SEE that the scene had completely changed and I was walking along a purple ocean that was completely still; gone were the ripples, waves or any movement

I knew then it meant that I was complete harmony off my spiritual consciousness and it did not matter that there was plenty to KNOW, but having harmony of MY~SELF was more important

INSIDE of me I SEE a rush of energy and light descending through my body and out through my feet. It poured out like a flood of water into this purple ocean

I was now connected with my Spirit and I KNOW

INSIDE of me I SEE that I was becoming a WHOLE person or a ONE~NESS with my spirit.

The fragment person of the person, who was unsure and even afraid had reached a graduation of ONE~NESS with my spiritual SELF

I was a complete person now

INSIDE of me I SEE the rushing of energy and then reversed and it was now coming through my feet and all of my body. It was like a circuit flowing electricity that was completing a cycle of KNOWING and REMEMBERING

I then bent down and scooped some water from both hands and drank the elixir of MY~SELF; it tasted sweet

INSIDE of me I SEE everything began to fade away and my vision too

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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